This genealogy is one of courage, strength, religious persecution, and the melding of divergent cultures into our unique and colorful genealogical history. First came the Germans in the eighteenth century, hardworking, industrious and pious. Early in the nineteenth century the Scotch-Irish arrived, also looking for a better life and willing to sacrifice to achieve that end. The last large contingent was the Swedish infusion. Their sense of humor and unique cultural contribution to our heritage made a wonderful mix of personalities and traditions.

Ours is a history to be proud of and to share with others of this ancestral line. Throughout the construction of this Web page, a database of more than 12,000 names, many original documents, portraits and the result of over forty years of research will be gradually added. Please visit again and we will help each other fill in our ancestral blanks

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Denise O. Kern

Daniel G. Reinhold III

Ben Rinehold

John W. Rinehold



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