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Hi, I'm Hippolover. Better known as Dana
I am continually remodeling so please check back from time to time!!

Meet Horton. He is my adopted hippo

Ladyhipoo's Hippo's

My interests are:
Crochet/ reading/animals/arts/cancer education and of course hippos.

The description of my page is:
Crochet keeps you from going crazy so you'll find lots links
My family is very dear to me so you'll find lots of pictures
Pets are people too so they will be welcome. Cancer information will abound as I am a survivor. I am also an avid hippo collector so you will find more and more hippo stuff here all the time.

Email me at hippolover@cox.net in the meantime.
Please come back soon and visit me.

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Soon I will have links to all over my favorite sites about crochet with lots of free pattern links and hopefully some of my own designs as well. You will get to know all about my wonderful cat Beau who bosses me around. You will find all you ever wanted to know and more about my family near and far. We are quite a diverse bunch. You will find many helpful links to information on cancer and how it feels to be a survivor. You will get the opportunity to share in the writing of my book about this experience...I will be collecting all kinds of cancer survivor stories so if you would like to have your story heard just write it up and e-me All kinds of goodies await the faithful so come back and see me. soon! Watch me grow! Help if you like:-)

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