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Here you can see some of my cats:







if you want to see other cats we've bred, check out this link:

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I have created a form for discussions. If you want to have a discussion or if you have questions about the breed, please fill out this form. This way people can reply on what you have written. Depending from the discussion or matter I will put it on this page for 1 month or longer. If the topic is offending, I will not publish it.

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Important: If you are an owner of Burmese cats or if you are a breeder of Burmese cats and if you have a homepage with Burmese cats or an e-mail address, please let me know. I will make a list of people involved with Burmese. This way people can visit your homepage from here or send you mail. If you are interested please fill out this form.

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HSUS ( this page can be shocking but I strongly believe that I also have to show the other side, which is not so bright) If you believe that the 100 Dalmatiens was just a story, this proves that it really exists!

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