Welcome to the Homepage of Olivia Patterson!
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Sooner Staffs

Clic to view our line of American Staffordshire Terriers


E-Mailor call 918-371-3406 for info.

Wildfire Siberians

Clic to view our line of Siberian Huskies

we have no puppys at this time but several adults available

Welcome to our homepage

Hi this page belongs to Olivia Patterson.
We raise & show American Staffordshire Terriers & Siberian Huskies.
First our Am Staffs. Olivia and her late father Elmer Parsons have had Sooner Staffs for 25+ yrs.

I am just starting on our page hope you can bear with me.I hope to add photos and pedigrees as I can.

Email me at rhall47564@aol.com in the meantime.
Please come back soon and visit me.

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