.I'm Lori and I'm glad you stopped by to visit. I have made some good friends through the computer in the last few years. And I'm always talking about my plants, birds and dogs with everyone, so I decided to make this page so I could share with all of you, just what I'm talking about.

Dog Walking

Meet my dogs, Digger, Destructor and Devastator. Just kidding, their names are really Dixie, Daisy and Delta.

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Come on in to my plantroom, where I grow Orchids, African Violets and other misc. plants.

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Now meet my parrots!
don't forget my canaries!

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Here's a pic of Terry and I. He's great, puts up with all my critters and plants.

Terry and I

Would you like to meet other members of my family?
I went on a cruse to Alaska, would you like to see some beautiful pictures?
After my Alaska trip I headed for Kentucky to meet my email friend Doris.

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A very special thanks to Doris! Who helped me so much making this page. Please check out her homepage!
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