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Scott's Home Page
Welcome, My main focus for this web page is for communicating with my family
that is now spread around the country from the West coast California and Washington to
Arkansas and Texas as well as some on the East Coast in North Carolina
and Many other states.

I have recently been in contact with a distant cousin. I believe we are sixth cousins and I have been able to get a lot of information form her. And of all places we found each other on the Net. Genealogy is so fun. I will soon have an updated genpage for my family that will include all the information that I have.
I Love You KATHY. I would like to just let the world know how much I love my wife. Kathy is everything to me. I love her with all my heart, mind and soul. She is everything to me. She even has a star named after her. In the future I'll put the coordinates down.
News Tidbit: As of the 14th of December we signed the adoption papers on our princess Janelle. Also as of the 18th of December I am officially a Teacher. Now I just need to find a job.....
NEWS UPDATE: I found one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the 18th of all days. I am going to teach a fourth grade class starting in January. Best of luck and wishes for my fellow student teachers. May we be the best teachers in all those who we inspire to learn.
 These are the surnames that I am currently researching and have a connection to in some way or another:
 Paternal Side:   Lewis, Gibbs, Harris, Havins(Havens), Dawson, Forguson, Barnhart, Ingley, Lacy, Purdon, Rome, Miller, Henderson (Thank you Angie and W. Reisor)
Maternal Side:   Woods, Downey, Dean, Worley, Huber
My Wife's Side:   Goucher, Hamilton and Manning
The following are links to various places that I like to visit. I have found some great info on them. Enjoy...
Personal Links
Mom's Web Page (My mom)
Donal Lewis' Home Page (My brother)
The Newest Lewis Family Home Page
Bubbles of Alaska(North Carolina Home Page
Brandi's Web Page (My sister)
My News Page

Genealogy Links
My own Family Lines
Lewis Family Genealogical Resource
Genealogy Home Page

LDS Links
Official LDS Home Page
LDS Information Resource
Deseret Books
Sunstone Books
Cherished Memories Etched in Mirror
San Ramon 1st Ward (Lots of info on everything)
Search the LDSDirectory for:        
University Links
BYU - Brigham Young University Hawaii

My Other Web Pages
Scott's Sci-Fi Page
Scott's Critter Page
Another Web Page
My Travel Page

There Will be more Links to Come in the Future

Come in and visit
Email me a scottlewis@alumni.uop.edu
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