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Javajoy's Home on The Web

Hello, my name, at least on the web, is javajoy. This is my second attempt at constructing a home page. On this page and on the additions which follow I hope you will learn something about me, my family and my interests. For those of you who have visited before, you will notice some minor changes and additions to these home pages. I won't say it has always been easy, but I am learning more every day, and it is getting to be easier, and it has been fun. If you find something that doesn't look right, doesn't work right, or just plain won't show up please email me and let me know. I am doing some redecorating.

I was widowed at the age of 29 and raised two children by myself. In 1983, and with the blessings of our three children, I married Joe. I became an instant Grandmother and had the fingerprints in the Wedding Cakes to prove it.

Joe and I reside on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida and we are less than one mile from the Gulf of Mexico. Joe has one son and I have one son and one daughter. We now have four Grandchildren with a fifth on the way. Below is a picture of my birthday present from my husband. I just love it, and I really appreciate the fact Joe bought it for me. Click here to visit the Redneck Riviera. This is a page created by one of our local newspaper reporters and it contains wonderful information about our area.

By profession, I am an R.N. with over thirty years experience in a wide variety of settings. Most recently I attended Emory University in Atlanta and completed the course to become a CETN (Certified Enterostomal Therapy Nurse). This specialty involves assisting ostomy patients in caring for their stomas, doing skin and wound care, prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers(bedsores), and caring for the incontinent patient. I really like my work and have finally found my niche.

My newest passion is the computer. I have had this one for over two years. My son is in part responsible for this. He got real tired of me using his all the time. He is the one who introduced me to the internet, and to the Game Zone. He is my teacher, my advisor, and he fixes all of my many mistakes. However, he is not the person responsible for sparking my interest in trying to do a homepage. That honor belongs to several of my internet friends who kept telling me I could do it and I finally decided to prove them right.Thanks Cajundoll, Soda, and Whiskey!!! My son, Gregory, has really been helpful with ideas, and I never would have learned how to upload any of these pages without his help, and patient teaching.

Joe swears I bought the computer so I could play games while he watches sports. And, in part, that is almost true. You will most often find me in the game zone playing spades, backgammon, or cribbage. Sometimes you will find me in the 40+Soda_Shoppe, or Square Dance Chat in mIRC. The rest of the time I probably can be found surfing or working on these home pages.

Most recently, I have used the computer for online searches to find out everything I could about Cancer of the Prostate. My husband was recently diagnosed. Thanks to Handeman for all of his help. On a following page I will be relating our experience with diagnosis and treatment of this unique kind of cancer. My husband recently completed treatment in Atlanta, Georgia. Guess what! Page I, and Page II of his story are finished, and have been posted. Click on the link below to visit these pages.

There is no way this page could be complete without the mention of our favorite pastime, Square Dancing. Joe and I met on the dance floor, and to this day we dance at least twice a week. It remains one of our favorite activities, and we are involved on a local, area, State and National level in this delightful and healthful activity. It provides us with the opportunity to travel, and visit our many square dance friends throughout the United States. There aren't many States we have missed. The only two States we have visited that were not square dance related trips were Alaska, and Hawaii.

This Square and Round Dance WebRing site is owned by Joy & Joe Vaccari
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This background, and graphics were created by Dana Lea, aka Soda. I think they are absolutely gorgeous, keep up the good work, Soda!

Updated: April 24, 2001


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