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Like most women I love shopping. I'm always hunting for a bargain, but isn't everyone? I have a passion for collecting Dept 56 village houses, depression ware and making and selling jewelry. I especially like shopping in flea markets, thrift shops, antique stores and yard sales looking for hidden treasures.
I recently discovered online auctions. Shopping at them can be the ultimate experience in bargain hunting. It's so satisfying to get something you really wanted and even more so if you get it for a good price. You have to watch out for auction fever though! It would be easy to be swept up in the bidding frenzy and pay too much.

cave Gems and Jewelry
Learn a little bit about the legends and lore of precious stones.

Favorite Shopping Links
Do a little shopping online or send a free card

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I didn't start out intending to build a whole little city in the dining room. I recieved the first 2 as gifts. One is a dustcatcher but two is a collection. The larger the village gets the more fasinating it becomes. Sometimes I'd almost swear the people moved.

Dickens Village

I like the challenge of gardening in the desert. There's something very satisfying about planting a few seeds and watching then grow into a little patch of green plants. It's like creating your own oasis. I also grow herbs which I use to make sauce for my homemade pasta and to make the specialty vinegars I like to give as gifts. I know it would probably be cheaper to buy them but it wouldn't be the same. Best thing about perennial herbs - you can't kill 'em unless you work really hard at it. On the other hand sometimes they grow better than weeds.

cave Garden Secrets
A few of my tips for growing a garden successfully in the desert. Or take the tour and and visit some excellent sources for seeds and gardening supplies.

Some Gourmet and Some Not So Gourmet Recipes
Pick up one of my recipes or experience the ultimate in kitchen shopping at The Chef's Catalog. Looking for something a little more upscale? Then take the link to the FoodTV Network where you can buy a cookbook from their featured chefs or get one of their recipes for free. Or if you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary you go to ED Foods and buy some soup mix or Montreal Steak Seasoning.

Southern California covers a large hunk of real estate and contains many different people and places. There's interesting ghost towns, some great malls for shopping, skiing, water skiing, the highest mountain in the continental United States and the lowest point which is in Death Valley all within a 4 hour drive. This will tell you a little about my home.

Southern California

Curious about the little images on my page? Those are my petroglyph people. Want to learn a little about petroglyphs?

Tracing the Past

Here's some links that were helpful to me as I built my web page. Maybe you'll find them helpful too.

Web Building Links

Lynn's Border Backgrounds and Kat's Soapbox Graphics
My friend Kat and I are putting together a collection of free graphics. I take old postcards or Victorian trade cards and make border backgrounds and Kat makes clip art

This is my assistant, Stubby. He is a very, very spoiled Pom/Sheltie cross who, like most animals, is convinced he's a person and not a dog. He doesn't care much for shopping but if it will get him a ride in the car he's more than willing to go. He provides morale support and the occasional keyboard entry. The Stubster is responsible for proof reading this page so any spelling errors or typos are his fault.

Stubby and Scooters Dog Care Tips

Visit my Other Web Page

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