"The Sixties were an amazing time where the rules of social behaviour were being rewritten for the following generations. The straight world no longer dictated how we were supposed to conduct our lives."
-Ken Babbs


Hi I'm Elissa Bosma. I go to Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School (in Victoria, Australia), and am in year 11. This page is for a 20th Century History Work Requirement.

In it I am focusing on one group from the counter-culture, the hippies. Hippies werent the only group of the counter-cultrue, but they were probably the most publicised of them all. If you have anything to say about what I have written, feel free to email me.

The hippies were a group of people who wanted to break free from the ties of the old society. They did this through breaking their bonds of the old cultrure by expressing their views through, demonstrations, music, literature and their fashions. Overall their breakthrough has influnced the generations after them. People nowadays have more freedom to express their views and live more equally in society.

In The Beginning

The Hippy Movement

The Hippy Movement...continued

Reactions to Hippies:



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