My web page for Star Trek and other great science fiction genre. All Trekkies and Boston sports fans welcome...Check your phaser at the door.

Hi I'm treklord. Welcome to my web page. I love science fiction. I love the television shows, movies and especially going to the conventions. You can check out my favorite Sci-fi links right here.

Here you'll find the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. There are 285 rules but not all of them are known right now. These are the guiding principals for a species whose sole purpose for existence is to earn profit, profit and more profit.

Now check out one of my favorite sci-fi shows that isn't Star Trek. Although Battlestar Galactica lasted only one season, it definately made science fiction history and it will be forever remembered as a true sci-fi classic.

One of my all-time favorite cartoons and in my opinion one of the greatest animated space sagas ever made is Starblazers which is the story of a group of Earth astronauts traveling around the galaxy on a mission to protect Earth from alien invaders. Check out this site to learn more.

And now, if you've wondered just what kind of a weird and warped mind can come up with this kind of a page, well to coin a phrase, The truth is out there. And now it's here too. So link to My Page about Me.

When I was growing up, many people had their favorite sports legends. My all-time favorite hero is Philadelphia Phillies -- Mike Schmidt, the greatest 3rd baseman to ever grace the diamond. You can see his accomplishments right here in the Mike Schmidt Hall of Fame.

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From here, you can connect to the official sites of my favorite sports teams. For better or for worse, I'm a loyal hometown fan from New England. I know what you're thinking. "So what are the Raiders doing here? They're not from New England." Well, they're my second favorite football team. So I have to show them off too.

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The Sci-fi Channel home page

The Star Trek Continuim home page

Babylon 5 home page

Star Wars home page


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Established on 02/24/98

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