I am Allen Lacy, the main purpose of this page is to publish the genealogy of my family. Therefore any place, one of the people in the tree is mentioned there is a link to their spot in the tree.

You can read about my Thomas Lacy, who immigrated to Virginia from Wales some time between 1680-1685. He settled in that part of New Kent County which years later was cut off into Hanover County. At that time it was on the frontier in an area of scattered settlements.

This Thomas Lacy is credited with being the progenitor of a long and prolific line of Lacys. His decendants live in almost every state of the Union. This branch is considered to be the largest of any of the pioneer Lacy families of Virginia.

This information is from Dr. Elton Lacey's

My Family Tree

The HTML version of the Family Tree was created on 6-Apr-1997. It contains 617 families, and 1,785 individuals. It was converted to HTML with
. The tree has graphic buttons, and information about sources and notes.
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