Tubby Sounds
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    File Name             Description

 tubbyagain.wav  Tubbies saying, "Again! Again!"
 tubbybighug.wav  Tubbies saying, "Big hug!"
 tubbybyebye.wav  Speaker announcing, "Time for Tubby Bye-bye"
 tubbydipsy.wav  Dipsy singing his name
 tubbydipsy2.wav  Dipsy saying his name
 tubbyehoh.wav  Tubbies saying "Eh-oh!"
 tubbyhills.wav  "Over the hills and far away..."
 tubbylaalaa.wav  Laa Laa singing her name
 tubbylaalaa2.wav  Laa Laa saying her name
 tubbyno.wav  Tubbies saying, "Nooooo"
 tubbynunu4.wav  Noo Noo making a funny slurping noise
 tubbyohno.wav  Tinky Winky saying, "Ohhh No!"
 tubbypo.wav  Po singing her name
 tubbypo2.wav  Po saying her name
 tubbyspeaker.wav  Speaker noise
 tubbyteles.wav  "Teletubbies!"
 tubbytime.wav  "Time for Teletubbies!"
 tubbytinky.wav  Tinky Winky singing his name
 tubbytinky2.wav  Tinky Winky saying his name
 tubbytoast.wav  Dipsy saying, "Tubby toast!" and laughing
 tubbytune1.wav  Tune played near the beginning of the show
 tubbytune2.wav  Another tune played during the show
 tubbytustard.wav  Dipsy saying, "Tubby custard!"
 tubbyuhoh.wav  Tubbies saying, "Uh-oh!"
 tubbywhere.wav  "Where have the Teletubbies gone?"
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