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Dan's Home Page

Its not really a nirvana page, but its
one of my favorite pictures.

last updated 5-3-97



hi, my name is dan, and this is my homepage. theres not much to it. due to the lack of interest in this page i am considering to forget the whole idea. if you want tab for screaming trees or mazzy star, go to my music page, otherwise theres nothing here for you (except to leave me nice messages in my guestbook)


Click here to go to my music page. This is the main purpose of
my page and it's under construction constantly. It will
have pictures, links, and lots of tab for mazzy star,
screaming trees, and more.



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Even if you just visit this page, please send me mail!! e-mail me

Some links for places around where I live.

So far people have actually been here.

Backgrounds by Infinite Fish
This place has some cool-looking backgrounds and some
really neat pictures. I suggest you visit and be amazed.

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