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Hi my name is Rajah  I am very handsome Purebred Bengal cat with matching personality.  Aren't I cute !! 


My Bengal Breed is a new breed of exotice domestic cat, having only been recognized as a breed since the early 1990's.  My breed is unique as it started by breeding a domestic cat with an Asian Leopard Cat. My Asian Leopard ancestor is at least four generation back. Wow! That would be my Great-Great-Great-Grandfather! I am not only beautiful and loving but full of energy and curiosity.

My ancestor, the Asian Leopard Cat is a small (6-12 pound),wild cat found throughout Asia. He is very shy and reclusive. He would not make a good house pet as they have too much wild instinct and do not adjust well to domestic behavior. Mom told me this means he would do things I wouldn't appreciate like not use the litter box.

I am very social - just ask my Mom. Whenever people come to visit I think they came just to see me! I also really like water. Its so fascinating! I love to hop in the shower with Mom but she seems to get upset because I always like to go get in my litter box afterwards. She says I look like "Frosty The Snowman". Boy do I hate having to have my legs and feet scrubbed off after that! I think I will stick to playing in the toilet when no one is looking!

Moms still working on the perfect picture for here!

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If you would like to find more about Bengal Cats and even see lots of kitten pictures then Visit Tejas Cattery. That's where Mom found me!

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