So you've always wanted to know how all this started?Well this is you're lucky day because only here can you read the actual history of Tybalt!!Now it is very strange but I hope that you like it!
The story of Tybal the gothic turkey starts back in 1969 at woodstock.It was one special day when George W. Bush was there.You have to understand that he's older than what you think because he has had around 600 facelifts..But anyway he was there downing a keg of beer as normal when there he saw a what would soon become Tybalts grandmother.There walking around was a loose turkey.Well George was dead drunk so he didn't care what it was.That night he took that turkey back to a hotel where he raped the poor turkey.9 months later,alone and in a ditch,that poor turkey gave birth to the ugliest thing this world has ever seen!(If you would like to see this creature just click the link named Tybalt's very strange family tree.)Soon after it's birth Tybalt's grandmother died from the shock of how ugly her baby was.Apparently he must have the same genes as his father because is also a sexual freak and is an idiot.Not only that,but he did the exact same thing as his father,since he couldn't get any from humans he took it out on turkeys.This would be the biggest mistake in man-kind.In another 9 months Tybalt was born.After he was born he actually consumed his own mother!But other than that he lived a normal life-or at least in his eyes.He would have sexual encounters with anything in sight and would have massove beer guzzling contests with his animal friends.After he got them drunk he would have his way with them too.The years went by and he continued these abnormal things.Then one day he found his father in the woods where he was told that he had a sister!So Tybalt went searching for his sister.It turns out she was a president for a major company.She gave Tybalt a job where he worked his way to the top and earned a reputation for himself.But this feeling of power put him over the top.He ate his own sister to take her place.When this happened he turned this company into an organized crime corporation.Since he has taken control he has created Turkish Inc.,Goth Films,and most recently this web-site.This leaves us to where we are today-a crazed turkey gane gothic in his teens where he's been dangerous ever since!!!
Tybalt's very strange family tree

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