I must warn you that the stories in this part of the web-sit are violent and disturbing!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It started out a normal day.Tyler was riding the bus to school like he always had,but something was wrong,he could just feel it.But he didn't pay much attention to it,that is untill he got to his locker.There inside his locker was a note reading "beware,you are the first of many!!!".The next couple of days he recieved more notes with even more disturbing things in them.Then came the day when Tybalt struck!We were all in class as usual when Tyler comes waking in limping and all bruised up.The teacher asked him about it and Tyler told her that something had jumped him from behind him.He said that his ribs were all bruised and his but was in tremendous pain!After this happened he never got over it and to this day he acts very paranoid always looking over his shoulder...
This is the story of a young man by the name of Tyler J.
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This story starts at night with Jason in bed almost a sleep.Then all a sudden he is awoken by a sharpe screeching!He glanced at his window to catch a glimpse of a feathery,horrible looking creature with red eyes!!!The next day he didn't tell anyone because people would probably just laugh at him and tell him that he's crazy.But when he opened his locker he too had a hate note from Tybalt reading "Do not run-I will find you!!!".So a few days went by and everything was good-or at least for now.One day Jason came into class about 5-10 minutes late.It was awful!-his clothes were ripped and he was naked.(It wasn't a pretty sight!)Not only that but he had bite markes on his neck and other places on his body!(If you know what I mean!)So just like Tyler he became very paranoid and was always running into things from looking for Tybalt so much.Poor kid...
This is the story of another young man by the name of Jason T.

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