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For all the latest news about Tybalt and the gothic turkey come here weekly where there will always be something new!!!!!
Some of the material on this site may be unsuitable for children and they shouldn't go any further into the site.I have also had the authorization of certain people to put their name on this site as they fully understand what I am doing and the content of the site.So under these terms please enjoy!
You can now join tybalts mailing list to recieve the latest news on the website and to inform you of updates!To join this mailing list just e-mail me at thetybaltlegacy@hotmail.com telling me your name,age and your e-mail.
Tybalt is a gothic turkey in case you didn't know.He is the infamous leader of Turkish Inc.This turkey has struck fear into all who have even heard the name Tybalt.He takes his anger out on innocent bystanders-mostly boys around the age of 15.This turkey is very well organized,smart,powerful,and most certainly dangerous.You see he has created a "Hit List" in which he list's his victims.You could call him a freak because he sends out letters to the victims before he strikes.I can remember one time when this kid called tyler came walking into class about 5-10 minutes late.He was holding his ribs and butt for some reason.The  teacher asked him about it and tyler replied by saying that  he had been jumped in the bathroom and when he woke up his butt was in tremendous painSo then a few days went by untill he picked another target-a kid named Jason.This time Jason came walking in class and was limping and his clothes were shredded off-he was half-naked.(not a pretty sight at all)Anyway he had bite marks around his neck and other parts on his body(If you know what I mean!)But that is just 2 stories.If you want to know the full stories of these two stories and many other then click link named past victims.Now I warn you that the stories in this part of the site are very uncomfortable and will gross you you out.Well anyway the turkey must fly!!!!!Quote the turkey nevermoore!
If you would like to contact the gothic turkey you can turkey-mail me at tybaltthegothicturkey@hotmail.com
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