Are looking to purchase a monitor or are tired of your straining your eyes trying to make out what’s on your monitor screen ?

 If yes, than your need to keep reading. I have an incredible product that will  revolutionize the way you use your computer and you will save hundreds, even thousands, of dollar in the process.

     The amazing product that I’m talking about is called the PC Converter.  This amazing  product allows PC users to browse the internet, use computer applications, play computer games, do presentations on TV. This is a must have product for all computer users. Below are more reasons why you need this product.






Don’t Use A Monitor,  Use Your TV.

Text Box: * Display your presentations on larger screen TVs for group viewing in boardrooms, classrooms, etc.

* Display your PC Games on larger screen TVs to combine the advantages of PCs with the playability of consoles

* Play DVD movies from your DVD-ROM drive and display them on the format it was designed for: TV

* Create photo slide shows in your PC and record them to video tape for the ultimate family photo album

* Edit home videos created in the PC and record them to video tape

* Record your presentations to video tape for viewing by employees, customers, students, etc.

* Connect to virtual reality glasses for the most unique home PC experience ever

* Do-it-yourself internet-on-TV and you get to choose your own internet service

*Connect to an employee's computer and record the computer use for software training and monitoring.

Note: Some of these applications may require additional equipment such as a video capture card or a scanner. 
Connect Your PC To A TVThe Benefits of This  PC Converter




“Why Buy or use a monitor when you can use your Television?”

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