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Hello. Welcome to Technicolor Hollyweird. You will notice that I put a BUNCH of random STUFF around. Its because I dont know about you but when I go to a website I dont like it when there is like one thing to do and you have to go to like a BILLION GAJILLION websites just to have FUN on the internet. Well serf no more. I am totally open for any SUGGESTIONS, COMMENTS, or IDEAS for the site. You want it you get it. Its like Burger King without the food (unless you REALLY REALLY want the food and then I guess we could do that)! I also wanted to put pages on here dedicated to HOLLYWOOD and all its STARS. Yes that is right, Im starting a GOSSIP page!!! I will be HAPPY to put your website link on my own (cuz im just nice like that) AS LONG AS you put mine on yours:)! ENJOY!!!!!!
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Do you want your site advertised on my site? Heres the deal. You have to put a link to my page on your site as well. I already have a picture for my sites link. You send me yours or the URL or your page and when I see that you have put a link to my page on your page you link will go on my page! Just trying to be fair. Ok here is the picture just save the picture and add my link to it.
My URL is http://webspace.webring.com/people/lt/technicolorhollywood/Enter.html
Please give me your E-mail and your site URL and if you have a picture put it on your website and tell my where to find it!
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Our name has changed cuse i  got tired of the old name so now its Hollyweird cause im Hollywierd!! im also a dork if you didnt pick that up!!
AFI (A Fire Inside) News!!!
GUESS WHAT!! I am going to see the best band EVER!!! AFI!!!!!! OMG Davey Havok is SOOOOOOO hot! Wanna meet me I'll be in Atlanta next Saturday (first of March)!!!!!!
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