IMPORTANT INFO: I have to move. I recently got notification saying: "Current GeoCities customers: After careful consideration, we have decided to close GeoCities later this year. We'll share more details this summer." So I've moved to a new webpage service. I love the new look and I have much more space for more files and perhaps even a Tutorials section. You can also now leave comments under each art work!

I will eventually put in a redirect code on this page and delete all my files. You can find me at or just click here. Don't forget to bookmark my new website. Hope to see you there!

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:::February 22, 2009:::

Completed a new Bettie drawing for a friend. She wanted a sexy devil drawing, so I gave her my take on the devilicious Bettie. Thumbnail on the right. Be warned: The drawing is in the Mature Content section!

:::January 13, 2009:::

Happy New Year everyone! I've been running behind on my art work. I don't have anything new to show, at the moment. I hope you'll check back often while I work on some new projects. Thank you all for your interest and support! Cheers, Michelle.

:::December 24, 2008:::

Finished a digital portrait of my friend's daughter. Thumbnail on the right.

:::December 16, 2008:::

Finished the larger color pencil portrait of Bettie Page. Thumbnail on the right.

:::December 14, 2008:::

I've gone back to a bit of trad art. Two new pencil drawings: a Marilyn Monroe Triptych and a Bettie Page ACEO. Thumbnails on the right.

:::November 8, 2008:::

Finally, I've finished my Prince Caspian portrait. Took me long enough. Thumbnail is on the right. :)

:::October 31, 2008:::

Finished the Marine (USMC) pinup. I've added it to my Digital Paintings album in the Drawings section. Check it out! :)

:::October 28, 2008:::

I just finished a military themed pinup (army pinup) in the noseart style. I'm thinking about doing all the branches of service in this style, to check back often. =) I've added it to my Digital Paintings album in the Drawings section.

:::October 25, 2008:::

Woohoo, I just finished a Bettie Page pinup painting. I am so proud of this one and how it turned out. I've added it to my Digital Paintings album in the Drawings section.

:::October 9, 2008:::

I've added a new pinup painting to my Digital Paintings album in the Drawings section.

:::September 7, 2008:::

I came across a contest on DeviantArt that I thought was right up my alley - Classic Pinup. The goal was to do a pinup drawing using any medium, but it had to be kept plain and simple, much like the styles of Vargas and Elvgren. I really enjoyed doing this type of painting, so I may just end up doing more of these in the future. Thumbnail of "Call Me" is on the right.

:::August 1, 2008:::

I'm still alive and busy working on multiple digital paintings. I just finished my most recent one a few days ago. That one took me a long time to finish. Almost two weeks. It underwent multiple background changes, and I drew the grass, as well as the palm trees by hand. I could have used custom brushes, but it was more important for me to practice drawing without crutches. Hope you like it.

:::July 9, 2008:::

I'm back from my long hiatus, and I've got some new art to show as well. They're all digital paintings I've recently finished. I'm taking a strong liking to the new medium. I never thought I'd enjoy it so much. Looks like I'll have to make a brand new banner as well to reflect that. Thumbnails are on the right. Click on them to go to the respective gallery. :)


:::February 25, 2009:::

Eyes On You

:::February 22, 2009:::

Shedevil Bettie

:::December 24, 2008:::


:::December 16, 2008:::

Bettie Page II

:::December 14, 2008:::

Bettie Page ACEO


Marilyn Triptych

:::November 8, 2008:::

Prince Caspian

:::October 31, 2008:::

Semper Fi

:::October 28, 2008:::

For The Boys

:::October 25, 2008:::

Bettie Page

:::October 9, 2008:::


:::October 2, 2008:::

Waiting For My Date

:::September 7, 2008:::

Call Me

:::August 1, 2008:::

Temple Guardian of the Incas

:::July 14, 2008:::

Saturn 3

:::July 8, 2008:::


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