"Introductions to Blue Moon TrekSmut SweatShop"

The houselights dim and there is a slight shuffling heard then the stage lights go up. Before the audience stands two Vulcans, both in robes. The male is in a deep rich brown colour that is decorated with numerous gems. The female is wearing a deep rich green with no other markings.

The female takes a step towards the podium. "Before presenting any of our offerings to this world, it has been brought to our attention that perhaps an explanation should be our first offering." She glanced only for a moment at the brief notes in front of her. "The Blue Moon TrekSmut Sweatshop has made one offering and it has been well received. The title assigned to it "T'kasian Bedtime Tales". It is desired that one notation be made concerning the staff and our offerings. This is a residence of Muses."

The male leaned forward slightly, the female nodded then spoke softly, "As you wish, TaskMaster." then she continued. "The actions of the characters in our offerings are for entertainment. That is our sole purpose for existing. To aid in entertaining all that wish to be entertained. Our Muses venture into territories that other Muses do not. We do not only guide the writers but become the characters that guide the path of the offerings.

"Allow me to introduce the most senior, TaskMaster Selek. His assistants, Vorik and Taurik and a senior kitausu-nvinsu Salatrel and myself, T'Aitlu.

"We will be your guides into our world. Should you chose to reside with us for a time and make offerings of your own, this too is possible."

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