Sunday 29th September 2002

Just added a link to my best friend's page in the links page so why not check her site out here!

  Saturday 28th September 2002

Hihi all!!! And yes, second update this week. And today, I added 2 new skins. They are both on Train of Black Cat. Go check them out!!! Oh, and I did a quick link on the right, like this, if you're interested only in one serie, you can directly jump to the page you want! Simple, and easy, no? Hope you lot find it useful!

  Wednesday 25th September 2002

Gomen! Gomen! It's been ages since i last updated! I went on holidays, in france for 1 month, and in Japan for 1 month, and when I came back, started working, so I didn't have much time to update anything at all... I thought I would put a few HxH skins that my best friend did over the summer for you to see. After all, it is only fair, as 5 people voted for some HxH skins. So you have one of Gon, one of Kurapika, and one of Machi (one of the 13 spiders). I'll try to finish the skins i have started, including one of Black Cat I think won't be too bad ^.^. Anyway, why are you reading my little chit-chat? Go check the winampskins! Go! NOW!

  Monday 10th June 2002

I felt like updating my page, though I didn't do any new skins, since I had an exam today, didnt have much time... But I added a new poll. Enjoy it! oh, and the layout is bound to change a bit, but I don't have time right now, cos well, got to go and have dinner!!!

  Tuesday 3rd June 2002

Added a new skin! Requiem, as its name, featuring Kuroro from Hunter X Hunter. I like it quite a lot, though quite a few buttongs are missing. It looks great in my opinion :). Enjoy, and comments are welcomed!

  Saturday 25 May 2002

YO! an another update, my does it never stop?! This time,it's my best friend who submited a skin!! So go check out her first ever skin!!! It's Akane from I'll Generation Basket! Ja ne, and have fun of this lovely sunny day!!

  Friday 24 May 2002

YO! Finished 2 out of 4 exams, yeah! Econs is out of the way(and my it was hard, the first was a complete nightmare, the second was good though), now all is left is politics, and that's peace of cake ^.^ And i have 2 weeks to revise that! So expect a little more work on the site hehe. :) Speaking of which, I am proud to annouce my THIRD skin on this site!!! YEAH!! After Calintz from Magna Carta, and Kaga from Hikaru no Go, now, we have Kaoru from EVA! YEAH!!! Go check it out NOW!

  Sunday 19 May 2002

Ok, now the layout has changed entirely, and the winamp skins page is up with 2 skins, yay! Great job, ne? Well, I do need to cheer myself up. Tuesday is exam time, and Friday too. S I guess it's the LAST update for at least another week or so... *sigh*

  Friday 17 May 2002

What another boring day studying. And to say some of my friends are leaving for Paris on a lovely week-end break *sighs* well, anyway, added the winamp skins page! But there's nothing inside... yet! hehe... That's all floks.

  Thursday 16 May 2002

Marvelous day isn't it? The sun's shining, and this site's opening. Anything more and it would be paradise on earth, I tell you! Front page created. Apart from that... nothing much... Oh-Yeah, and do not expect any updates often until the 14th of June. It's exam time for me, so studying is a priority *sigh* not that I like it...


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