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Newss and updates
Oh Man,finallly done with this fansite.Wasted 2 good summer days.I had to type everything.
Hope you enjoy and request a affiliation.
Are we seeing Auron again?I've browsed the net and found two images from KH2 with Auron in it.Click here to see them

Cute pic of YunaFor You who are running fansites about Yuna,or just one of her many fans(like I am),heres a pic for you.
:)Enjoy [Drools]
SoraHere's a sora for you who are running KH fansites.Enjoy.:)

New FF movie coming out:Advent Children.For you who are interested with FF7.Here's a movie you'll like.Square has decided to release yet another movie.AC takes place 2 years after FF7,people are rejoying freedom,but will it last long,cause there is a virus speading around.Cloud,the main character of 7,is infected with this virus(for those who are wondering why he has one sleeve.)He hides his infected arm under it.I have not yet comfimed what danger this virus will bring.Well,you'll just have to watch the movie--coming out this year in USA language.This is Soraz signing off.

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