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U-CH, UAG1, CH Ptarmigan Huron's Soft Echo CGC CR-CA114/17F/C-PI CR-600G24F-PI

12/6/2003 Echo earned her UAG1 at the Gem City in Dayton, OH UKC Agility trials with scores of 190, 196 and 183. Echo earned two Second placements, and a First. Way to go Echo and Molly!

Echo earned her UKC championship at the A.K.9's Show in Brookville, PA under Judge Warren Shivers going BF, BOW and BOB

SR U-CH CH Soft Maple Kyrabean Queen CD, JH, OA, OAJ, NA, NAJ, WCX, WC, (WCI, WC), TDI, CGC, HOF ROM Sep 23 1996 CR-556 CR-622G60F-PI

March 10th, 2002 Kyra earned her UKC Companion Dog Obedience title.
Kyra earnes her U-CH at Wapakoneta, Ohio, UKC Shows. Kyra is owned by Mary Kay Morel.

1/18/2004 AKC/UKC/Int'l CH, SHR, AG1, UWP, Beltane's Bodacious Blue WC, CGC, TT, SS, SWET, WETT, CD, BPS, TDI, RN owned by Stephanie Ayers, bred by Molly Kerwan and Cathy Lewandowski earns his UKC Championship going Reserve Best in Show at the UKC Texas Classic.

At the UKC show in Denton, Texas, Blue received a ribbon for "Most Weight Pulled by a Breed other than American Pit Bull Terrier" with a pull of 925 lbs. Blue also receive a 'Total Dog Award" since he had a qualifying pull AND took Best of Breed in Show 1 and a Group 2.

U-AG1 Softmaple Frolic In The Wind NJC, TN-N, TG-N, TN-O, RN

U-AG 2 Softmaple Frolic In The Wind RN, NAC, NJC, TN-O, TG-N

5/06 UKC agility trial in Gloucester, Va. Gambol earned qualifying leg #2 towards her AG1 title with a 198 score.
6/10/2006 Gambol finished up the last leg (with a second place) for her U-AG1 title
1/4/2006 UKC trial Gambol ran in AG1 (She already has the title) she was very speedy and steady and came away with scores of 196 and a 194
She also ran her first time in AG2 and earned her first leg with a 3rd class placement.

6/2007 Congratulations to Sarah and Gambol (U-AG 2 Softmaple Frolic In The Wind RN, NAC, NJC, TN-O, TG-N) who earned their U-AG2 with two first class placements last weekend!

With 250,000 registrations annually, the United Kennel Club is the second oldest and second largest all-breed dog registry in the United States. Founded in 1898 by Chauncey Z. Bennett, the registry has always supported the idea of the "total dog", meaning a dog that looks and performs equally well. The performance programs of U.K.C. include Conformation Shows, Obedience Trials, Agility Trials, Coonhound Field Trials, Water Races, Nite Hunts and Bench Shows, hunting tests for the retrieving breeds, beagle events including Hunts and Bench Shows, and, for Cur and Feist Squirrel and Coon Events, and Bench Shows. Essentially, the U.K.C. world of dogs is a working world. That's the way founder Chauncey Bennett designed it, and that's the way it remains today.

Soft Maple Wind on Water ADC
Timmy was the cover boy for the fall issue of Dog Sport Magazine.

Official U.K.C. Breed Standard
Copyright 1991, United Kennel Club, Inc.


Depending on whose version you follow determines what breeds were used in the development of the Curly-Coated Retriever. Some say the Poodle, Irish Water Spaniel, the Newfoundland and the Irish Setter. Whatever the source(s), the breed was first exhibited at England's Birmingham dog show in 1860.

The Curly-Coated Retriever was recognized by the United Kennel Club in 1960.

General Appearance                                                          

A black or liver curly-coated dog, about 25 to 27 inches at the withers and weighing about 70 pounds. An undocked, moderately short tail carried fairly straight. A natural ear laying close to head.


A dog showing activity, endurance and intelligence. Easy to train and affectionate.

Head and Skull                                                          

Long, well-proportioned flat skull. Jaws strong and long, but not inclined to snipiness.

TEETH - A full complement of strong, white teeth meet in a level bite.

EYES - Black or brown, but not yellow; rather large, but not too prominent.

NOSE - Black in the black-coated variety; with wide nostrils.

EARS - Rather small, set on low, lying close to the head, and covered with short curls.


Should be moderately long with no throatiness.


Shoulders should be very deep, muscular and obliquely placed.

FORELEGS - Forelegs straight and set well under the body.


Well sprung ribs, good depth of brisket, not too long in the loin, as little tuck-up as possible. Chest not too wide, but decidedly deep.


Strong and muscular.

HIND LEGS - Hocks low to the ground. Moderate bend of stifle and hock.


Round, compact; with well-arched toes.


Moderately short, carried fairly straight and covered with curls, tapering towards the point.


Should be a mass of crisp, small curls all over. This being the main characteristic of the breed should be given great consideration when making judging awards. A slightly more open coat should not be severely penalized, but a saddle back or patch of uncurled hair behind the shoulder should be severely penalized.


Black or liver. A prominent white patch on breast is undesirable, but a few white hairs allowable in an otherwise good dog.

Size and Weight                                                          

About 70 pounds; and from 25 to 27 inches at the withers.


Smooth movement.

Fault: Bad movement.


Wide skull, light eyes, curled tail and bad movement.


Unilateral or bilateral cryptorchid. Viciousness or extreme shyness.

About the Book

Follow a litter of puppies from birthday until they go to their new homes. The diary contains lots of pictures, tips on puppy rearing, some breed specific information, and lots of information on the care of any breed of dog.

I started doing an on-line puppy diary since many of the people that would be getting one of my pups would not be able to travel here to see the pups. I did not want to put a bunch of cute puppy pictures online, and encourage anyone to have a litter just because they wanted to see cute puppies! Breeding dogs, if done the right way, is a lot of work. Lost sleep and sometimes heartache. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to raise a litter of puppies. Once I started doing The Puppy Diary, I realized I had a captive audience. These people logged on every day to see the pictures, and read what was happening. I used this opportunity to cram as much education into each day as I could. Health, Coat issues, grooming, feeding, socializing, vet care, puppy evaluations, shipping puppies.... you name it! I tried to put it in The Diary. It was suggested that I make it into a book. Well here it is! There are 560 pictures and over 300 pages of living with and watching one litter grow up.

I am sure may conscientious, caring breeders raise litters similar to the way I do. Its is a good look into the time, money, commitment it takes to bring up a litter of pups. Some of the things that go on behind the scenes, that the eventual puppies owners (family), never realize go into the litter. Enjoy my litter as I see them. Day to day


Chapter One (Week One) ... Page 1
Seger comes into season
Happy Birthday!
Removing the Dewclaws
Start of the Bio Sensor program

Chapter Two (Week Two) ... Page 48
Coat issues.
Tail Gland Hyperplasia
Do Curlies Shed?

Chapter Three (Week Three) ... Page 94
End of Bio Sensor Exercises
Worming The puppies
Eyes are open
First pup escapes from the box

Chapter Four (Week Four) ... Page 130
Weaning. The great food fight!
Introduction to the puppy play room
Shark Cage

Chapter Five (Week Five) ... Page 156
Field dog? Show Dog? CPE?
Happy Mothers Day!
First Stacked pictures

Chapter Six (Week Six) ... Page 195
Toys! Toys! Toys!
What�s In A Name?
Kids and Dogs
Introduction to Wings

Chapter Seven (Week Seven) ... Page 236
About Puppies and Retrieving
Socialize your puppy
First Shots & Vet Visit
Splish Splash, first bath!

Chapter Eight (Week Eight) ... Page 286
Shape up or ship out!
Requirements to ship puppies
See all the pups!

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