CH Soft Maple Water Works CGC

CR-646F42M-PI, CR-EL79M25, CR-CA133/47M/C-PI

Hunters father Sam is the 4th Curly ever to earn the UKC Hunting Retriever Title, and one of only three Curlies to ever earn a UKC Hunting Retriever Finished Pass. Sam was 3# Breed point Curly in the US 2 years running and Curly-Coated Retriever Club of America The Sarona Jacob of Marvadel & Sarona Sam of Marvadel Memorial Field Trophy Award Winner for 1997

This stylish and athletic, multi - purpose retriever has strength, endurance and presence. The Curly is recognized by most canine historians as one of the oldest of the retrieving breeds. Developed in England, the Curly was long a favorite of English gamekeepers. Prized for innate field ability, courage and indomitable perseverance, a correctly built and tempered Curly will work as long as there is work to be done, retrieving both fur and feather in the heaviest of cover and the iciest of waters. To work all day a Curly must be balanced and sound, strong and robust, and quick and agile.

Exceptional swimmers, which revel in the water, these powerful and tireless hunters excel on all game. Exciting to shoot over, yet they are a delightful family companion. Self-confident, steadfast and proud, this active, intelligent dog is a charming and gentle family companion and a determined, durable hunter. The Curly is alert, biddable and responsive to family and friends, whether at home or in the field. Of independent nature and discerning intelligence.

The Curly is a hunting dog for the person who likes variety: ducks, pheasant, grouse and a dog who can also be a companion to children and a family friend. Though he is designated as a retriever, the Curly is also an outstanding upland game dog on pheasant, grouse, quail, etc. Curlies are currently being hunted throughout North America, and are used extensively for hunting in New Zealand (where they are the hunting dog of choice) and Australia. Many, if not most, of the people hunting Curlies are family-oriented who just want a dog that hunts and can be a companion so hunting Curlies is rather a silent revolution.

Each of the Retriever breeds, even though closely related, has distinct habits and temperaments, and the Curly is no exception. Curlies are very much loyal family dogs and are reserved with strangers. They make excellent watch dogs because of this characteristic. They are generally a dignified and somewhat independent dog, especially as compared to the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever. Like the Flat Coated Retriever, Curlies come in both black and (recessive) liver colors. There have been occasional reports of yellow Curlies, but this has never been an accepted color in the breed and very few if any yellows occur today.

The Curly Coat does share the general Retriever characteristics such as intelligence, keen instinct for hunting and retrieving, an extended puppyhood, and an even and stable temperament.

CH, HR Elflock Ranah's Rising Son WCQ JH CD CR-426G37M CERF

Ch Karakul Titan ROM BIS, National BOB 91,92,96 CR-188F26M

Ch.Karakul Myrlyn The Magician ROM 86 National WD CR-112-T

CH Charwin-Paisley Cr Porsche, CDX, WC, ROMX, HOF,TDI RWB 84 National CR-109-T

CH Ranah's The Dark Comes Dancing, National BOS 91 CR-303F51F

CH Pasha's Raisin Kane V Wits EndWD 87 National CR-130

CH El Mack's Lucy in the Sky CD CR-304G80F

CH Charwin Evensong WCX JH CGC CD SN24115701 04/22/1995 CR-CA22/41F/C CR-480F35F CERF

Am & Can CH Pasha N Charwins's Black Jack Am & Can WC BOW 91 National, AOM 96, 97 CR-220G26M

CH Pasha's Raisin Kane V Wits End WD 87 National CR-130

CH Charwin-Paisley Cr Porsche, CDX, WC, ROMX, HOF,TDI RWB 84 National CR-109-T

CH Aarowag's Music of the Night,CD,WCQ,JH CR-300G25F-T RWB 91 National

CH Rockmeadow Deliverance CD,WCX,JH,TT,ROM WD BOW 88 National CR-161G24M-T

CH Hartfire Karakul Yaquina JH CD WCX WR HOF CR-150G24F

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