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Mark and Cathy Lewandowski
8282 Soft Maple Road
Croghan NY 13327

Each of the Retriever breeds, even though closely related, has distinct habits and temperaments, and the Curly is no exception. Curlies are very much loyal family dogs and are reserved with strangers. They make excellent watch dogs because of this characteristic. They are generally a dignified and somewhat independent dog, especially as compared to the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever.

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Curly-Coated Retriever Information

AKC Sporting Group

27 inches for males, 25 inches for females. A clearly superior Curly falling outside of this range should not be penalized because of size. You see curlies of all sizes. Curlies can range from 50 lbs to over 100.

The Curly Coated Retriever is the largest and oldest of all the Retriever breeds. A CCR is not for everyone. They are a strong willed, challenging, intelligent dog. A curly is not just a Lab with a perm. The different retriever breeds all have distinct personalities and temperaments. The curly tends to be reserved toward strangers. This is part of their genetic makeup. This does not mean overly shy or aggressive. Originally bred in England, the curly was used at a meat dog, and often as a game keepers dog. They will work all day as long as their is game to be retrieved. They may not tend to have the flash of the other retrievers, and this is probably one of the reasons you do not see many Curlies running field trials. But those that have curlies marvel at the versatility. Retrieving waterfowl as well as flushing upland game in the harshest of conditions.

Most Curlies are good with children, but like any dog, you should supervise any interaction with small children. As with any dog, they can be destructive if left on their own all day. Training is a must. The Curly enjoys and needs exercise, but should settle down while inside. Grooming is minimal. Bathing when needed. You can brush or comb the coat when the dog is shedding. Brushing will frizz out the curls, but once the coat gets wet again, the curl comes back together. Trim off any thick collection of hair that blocks the ear canal, or any long dreadlocks type mats. If you are going to show your dog, more trimming is usually needed to tidy the coat. Curlies are not hypoallergenic, and they do shed.

The coat should be tightly curled, crisp to touch and somewhat dull looking, as opposed to shiny. The hair on the face and legs is smooth and short. Curlies come in black and liver color. The curly can be prone to a coat disorder known as patterning. A patterned curly may have hair loose at the neck and backs of rear legs. This may happen only seasonally, it may happen only when the dog is young, or may be present all the time. This is a fault and if you have a curly with patterned baldness, be sure to let your breeder know.

Curlies before breeding should be checked for Hip dysplasia, eye problems, cardiac problems. (OFA, CERF, OFA Cardiac)

2004 CCRCA National

This book is great for anyone who is thinking of having a litter. It contains a lot of useful information on general dog care, care of newborn pups, introducing a Retriever pup to wing and water.Follow an actual litter from birth till they go home!

About the Book

Follow a litter of puppies from birthday until they go to their new homes. The diary contains lots of pictures, tips on puppy rearing, some breed specific information, and lots of information on the care of any breed of dog.

I started doing an on-line puppy diary since many of the people that would be getting one of my pups would not be able to travel here to see the pups. I did not want to put a bunch of cute puppy pictures online, and encourage anyone to have a litter just because they wanted to see cute puppies! Breeding dogs, if done the right way, is a lot of work. Lost sleep and sometimes heartache. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to raise a litter of puppies. Once I started doing The Puppy Diary, I realized I had a captive audience. These people logged on every day to see the pictures, and read what was happening. I used this opportunity to cram as much education into each day as I could. Health, Coat issues, grooming, feeding, socializing, vet care, puppy evaluations, shipping puppies.... you name it! I tried to put it in The Diary. It was suggested that I make it into a book. Well here it is! There are 560 pictures and over 300 pages of living with and watching one litter grow up.

I am sure may conscientious, caring breeders raise litters similar to the way I do. Its is a good look into the time, money, commitment it takes to bring up a litter of pups. Some of the things that go on behind the scenes, that the eventual puppies owners (family), never realize go into the litter. Enjoy my litter as I see them. Day to day


Chapter One (Week One) ... Page 1
Seger comes into season
Happy Birthday!
Removing the Dewclaws
Start of the Bio Sensor program

Chapter Two (Week Two) ... Page 48
Coat issues.
Tail Gland Hyperplasia
Do Curlies Shed?

Chapter Three (Week Three) ... Page 94
End of Bio Sensor Exercises
Worming The puppies
Eyes are open
First pup escapes from the box

Chapter Four (Week Four) ... Page 130
Weaning. The great food fight!
Introduction to the puppy play room
Shark Cage

Chapter Five (Week Five) ... Page 156
Field dog? Show Dog? CPE?
Happy Mothers Day!
First Stacked pictures

Chapter Six (Week Six) ... Page 195
Toys! Toys! Toys!
What�s In A Name?
Kids and Dogs
Introduction to Wings

Chapter Seven (Week Seven) ... Page 236
About Puppies and Retrieving
Socialize your puppy
First Shots & Vet Visit
Splish Splash, first bath!

Chapter Eight (Week Eight) ... Page 286
Shape up or ship out!
Requirements to ship puppies
See all the pups!

I don't often use the most convenient stud available. Several times I have bred to overseas dogs. You have to develop a relationship of trust with the breeders and owners of these dogs when it comes to health issues. The studs from overseas I have used will not have OFA numbers. (being that the *A* in OFA stands for America.) In these cases I will check out the equivalent health test for that country.

SoftMaple litters health clearances:

#1 Am/Can Ch Pasha N'Charwin's Black Jack,Am/Can WC ROM CR-200G26M, CR-314 X CH Avanti's Best Bet CD CGC ROM ROMX CR-CA12/56F/C-ECHO, CR-483, CR-408E24F

#2 CH Riverwatch Desert Wind ROM CR-EL30, CR-429E24M X CH Avanti's Best Bet CGC ROM ROMX CD CR-CA12/56F/C CR-408E24F, CERF CR-483 95,96,99

#3 CH, HR Elflock-Ranah's Rising Son WC WCX WCQ JH CD CR-549, CR-426G37M X CH Charwin Even Song JH WC WCX CD CGC HOF CR-CA22/41F/C, CR-480F35F, CR-489

#4 Luxembourg Champion, Dutch,VDH, German Ch. Caballus Inferno JWW'98, W'98, Europasieger '99, Bundessieger'99 Hips A/A(Finland), B1(Holland) X CH Mathel Felicitation ROM CR-CA3/38F/C, CR-453G24F,CR-497 (For this litter, I shipped Bumper overseas for the breeding, so the stud has his foreign country of origin hip score equivalent.)

#5 Ch SoftMaple's O' Dark Thirty JH SH MH WC WCX WCQ CD CGC HOF TT CR-CA177/89M/C-PI-ECHO, CR-685, CR-536G27M-T X CH Charwin Evensong WC WCX JH CD HOF ROM CGC CR-CA22/41F/C, CR- 480F35F, CR-489

#6 CH SoftMaple's International Fling CGC CR-CA134/34F/C-PI CR-640G26F-PI, CR-EL97F26-PI CR-753sired by Jet CH SoftMaple's O' Dark Thirty JH SH MH CD WC WCX WCQ TT HOF CR-CA177/89M/C-PI-ECHO, CR-685, CR-536G27M-T

#7 SJCH, SUCH Ringlets Constant Wind Cardiac clear, eyes clear, hips A/B to CH SoftMaple's Fairway Explorer CGC CR-CA74/16F/S-PI CR-EL98F28-PI CR-642G28F-PI, CERF (This litter is the product of an imported semen breeding using shipped-cooled semen from Sweden, so the male has his foreign country of origin health checks.)

#8 CH SoftMaple's International Fling CGC CR-CA134/34F/C-PI CR-640G26F-PI, CR-EL97F26-PI CR-753sired by CH Aberbran Bar Von Bern JH SH WC SH WCX ROM OFA good; CR-608G24M-PI CR-CA123/37M/P-PI CERF

#0 Our 2004 No-litter, and an idea of what preparing for a litter costs.

#9 2004 litter between CH SoftMaple N HunterBay's NYwkend CGC TT CR-EL99F28-PI CR-645E28F-PI, CR-CA135/34F/C-PI and SR Curlygleann Kiwi Dream WC TDI CGC CR-677G24M-PI, CR-EL111M24-PI, SN91060601, DOB May 2 2001

#10 CH SoftMaple's O'Dark Thirty MH WCX CD CGC TT HOF CR-536G27M-T OFA cardiac, CERF 2001 and SoftMaple N HunterBay's Poetic Justice CGC, PennHip, CR-CA158/21F/C-NOPI, CERF 2004

#11 SoftMaple Gunflint's Beauty CGC CR-715G28F-NOPI, CR-EL131F28-NOPI, CR-CA157/28F/P-NOPI and Boyerie Dese Maestro Music Please CR-CA148/24M/C-PI-ECHO CR-696G24M-PI CR-750

#12 Ch. Dese's Black As Coal, CD, WC, CGC, TT, JH, RN CR-530G26M-T, CR-CA47/30M/C-T, CR-582 and CH SoftMaple's Pheasant Dreams WC CGC CR-722G34F, CR-El134F34, CR-CA178/41F/P-NOPI, CERF 2005 CR-814N

We as breeders are caretakers of the future of the Curly Coated Retriever. Breeding just to fill a demand for puppies can damage a breed for years to come. Not all dogs are worthy of being bred. Having a Championship title is not a good enough reason to breed a dog. There are many judgment calls that a breeder has to make according to their own conscience. There is no perfect dog, and unfortunately, no perfect breeders!

Breeding dogs is a labor of love. Their health and well-being is of primary importance. We check Hips (OFA, or foreign country of origin hip score equivalent) Eyes (CERF)and Cardiac (OFA). Puppies come with a contract covering replacement of puppies that do not OFA, do not CERF, or do not pass Cardiac testing.

Since a dog is a living creature, we can not guarantee that the dog will not have any problems. We do our best to check the health history of the parents, grandparents and siblings. We study pedigrees and dogs to help make informed breeding decisions. No one has yet bred the perfect dog. We will stand behind our dogs if there is a problem.

The pups are raised in the home. We use the Bio Sensor method of early puppy stimulation. We temperament test our puppies at 7 weeks of age. As we know the personalities of the puppies better than anyone having lived wiht them since birh, we try to match each puppy with the appropriate family for its needs. Every pup that leaves SoftMaple goes with the condition that if for any reason you cannot keep the dog I will always take it back, for whatever reason.

A curly is not for everyone. They are a strong willed, challenging, intelligent dog. We screen our prospective puppy buyers. Your not just buying a dog from SoftMaple, your joining a family. We ask you questions, and strongly encourage you to ask us questions. Anyone looking to add a Curly to their home shouldn't stop at just contacting one breeder. We encourage you to talk to as many breeders as you can.

SoftMaple Curlies

Mark and Cathy Lewandowski
8282 Soft Maple Road
Croghan NY 13327

Our Next litter plans

We at SoftMaple have been active in showing and breeding pure bred dogs since 1979. Active in Curly Coated Retrievers since 1993. We do not earn our income from the sale our puppies. For me raising a litter is a very rewarding, time consuming and expensive passion. When I breed a litter, I focus on the whole dog. I don't breed to whatever stud is nearby, or to whatever stud is winning in the showring, regardless or health or if he would complement my bitch. We are breeding for healthy, sound, highly trainable, versatile dogs without compromising the correct structure and breed type set out in the standard.


SoftMaple Gunflint's Beauty CGC CR-715G28F-NOPI, CR-EL131F28-NOPI, CR-CA157/28F/P-NOPI, CR-CA157/39F/C-PI, CR-835, CHIC

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