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       Intarsia Wood Art is an ancient inlay wood art that has recently been revived. Its origination traces back to the 13th Century in Italy, where Domenico di Nicolo meticulously carved different woods and inserted one piece next to the  other.
      He used  wedges  of cork to keep the work in place to make beautiful pictures. The art was used to decorate scrolls,  arabesques,  architecture scenes and flowers. Intarsia is a mosaic of small pieces of wood intricately cut using a scroll saw or band saw and painstakingly contoured to give a three dimensional look, then fitted back together.        ( I use a Dremel tool to do the contouring  technique). 
        I stain each piece to create the look of oak, walnut, cherry, maple and many other types of wood.
      These beautiful wood plaques can be hung anywhere in your home. There are different styles to go with any decor.
    They make great gifts for any occassion. My patterns include a range of animals, from birds to fish, forest creatures, marine life, to pets and  farm  animals.

I will create custom orders with a minimun deposit of $50.00
                                                                                          All requests considered.
           Custom Orders
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My VERY FIRST piece.
# 2
Wolf Bust
# 1
Spread Eagle
11" h x 22" w
# 3
Eagle with Prey
22" H X 18" W
This spread eagle contains 92 individual pieces.
# 4
Eagle on Flag
8" H X 10" W
All pieces are ONE of A kind and are made from scratch.
I work on my inventory starting in the spring.
Shown  here are different stages  of work in progress
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