In Memory of Terry McDougall
January 29, 1956 - January 16, 2001
On the cold, clear day of January 16, 2001, our lives as we knew them had abruptly changed, forever.... In the early morning hours my eldest brother, Terry, passed away as he slept. In the months that have followed, pain and anguish have touched my family's hearts... today, nearly a year later the hurt remains though the intense waves of grief are diminsishing. This site is dedicated to Terry's memory ... with the hope that in some small way it will honour him and help his memory live on forever.
                                         December 31, 2001

First born child to Earl and Joan, Terry led a brood of four children... Brenda, Andy and Jo would follow. Terry braved many firsts for himself and indirectly for each of us... the first to challenge and soften Mom and Dad, the first to ride a bike, the first go to school, the first to get a job, the first to date, the first to strike out on his own.... so many firsts he  successfully challenged... As the years moved on he, sometimes patiently and sometimes not, would coach each of us on as we approached the same challenges. It was that way for as long as I can remember... he was always there cheering, challenging, or sometimes simply spuring us on...

In his passing, we've each lost that anchor.. and are challenged to face many firsts, that none of us were prepared for...I take comfort in knowing that in so many ways that Terry, though not physically here, continues to have a significant imapct in our lives. Simply because we were given the gift to have Terry in our world, I believe we are all striving to live life in more meaningful ways... cherishing the things and people that are truely important. What a wonderful legacy to leave behind.
Death, the last sleep?
No, the final awakening.

Walter Scott

At the rising of the sun and at its going down....
I remember
At the blowing of the wind and in the chill of winter air....
I remember
At the opening of a flower's bud and in the rebirth of spring....
I remember
At the crispness of the sky and in the beauty of autumn...
I remember
At the beginning of the year and as the year comes to an end...
I remember

As long as I live... You live... For you are a part of me....
and I remember you.

Those who knew Terry were fortunate... Experiencing his hearty laughter, witnessing his passion and willingness to fight for the things he believed in, and most importantly feeling the love he had for the people in his life was a gift in itself.

Terry had a special place in his heart for his neices and nephews... Michael, Matthew, Ali, Leanne, Celeste and Jordan... each in their own way was loved, played with, teased, and taught by their Uncle... in a way that no parent could reach out to their own child... Terry was there giving guidenace in his unique way.... thankfully, they are each old enough to remember and acknowledge the contribution he made in their lives.

Devoted Father, Son, Brother, Uncle and Friend
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