My name is Snowball and I belong to Dee... she loves me dearly, can't you tell? My life has not always been easy, for years I lived in Oregon with another family until tragedy struck. My home was burned to the ground and my family moved without me. (I was hiding!) Life was very complicated after that. The street I lived on was populated by vicious dogs, and believe it or not... 20 pound rats! (Nutria) My Dad even caught me in his Nutria trap on more than one occasion.  My life would change forever during Christmas 1995, when fate would bring us together.  It was love at first sight...  She could tell that I was special even tho I had been on the streets for many years. The only problem was that she lived 3,500 miles away. Luckily, Dee’s Mom & Dad love her dearly too. (and need I mention they hate furballs?) They made sure that we would be together someday. Dee drove back to the east coast and I got ready for the journey, by plane of course. (royalty would never drive!)

December 2000:  After my recent brush with death (oral surgery) I have a new outlook on life.  Thanks to my biggest fan for the christmas gift of tartar control chews and a crisp $100 to ease my pain.


My new life...

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