Well,where do I begin? I really could wright a book about my life, but I haven't made it that far yet!! I have had some of my poems published though, I guess thats a start ,and maybe someday I will have a book about my experiences with wolves published as well.
      I have had lots of people ask me about my poems, and where I come up with all of my ideas, well there not ideas, they are all about my dreams, I remember my dreams, and then I right about them, when I was a child, I had a run in with a white wolf, well actually, he ran into me, I was playing with a ball out in front of our home, we lived in the country at the time, in a small town named Guffey Co, and thats where it all started.
      There was a dirt road that wen't right by our home, no fence, not much traffic went through so it was not really that big a deal if the ball wen't in the road, but that day was a little different, I usually played ball with my brother, but he was not there that day, so I was playing alone, but I had no clue, I had other eyes watching me!!! Then it happened "The ball bounced into the road, and there was a truck coming my way, of course knowone ever goes the speed limit, and at that time it was only 20 miles an hour, we'll he was going a bit faster!! I started to go for the ball, and tripped, then from out of nowhere, this huge white dog, well at least I thought it was a dog, picked me up, by my blouse and pulled me to safety, I was only 7 years old, then he ran off.
      I searched for an owner for a couple years after that, but no luck, I searched a 500 mile radius ,and nothing, I do recall exactly what he looked like, he had the most beautiful yellow eyes I have ever seen, and was white, long legs, lanky boddy, and had that look of hope, that someday he would be able to do again, what he did for me.
I have been doing a lot of research on wolves, of course I'm going to school to be a Wildlife Biologist, and right now I'm in my second year, and loving it, I want to get in the middle of it all, and see just how closely related they are to us. I no that we can see how they feel by there reactions to us, but just exactly how do we feel, everyone that I have talked to sais, they wan't no part of them, that they are killers, don't get neer them, I do not believe a word of that, because I have experienced the wolf first hand, and he did nothing but help me!!! So I guess it's just who believes in their long lasting devotion to humans.
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