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I realize I might not have enough information on my site for many of you,but my experiences,are enough for me,I read many books about wolves,and have seen many movies that make the wolf out to be the villian,when the truth is,we all have to survive.

If you could see what it was I thought,you would stop to think what it is your not.We are the purest of shadow that gives us grace,and when you turn you head,we are but a trace,of what you see inside your heart,you turn us away,and tear us apart.Let us show you what it's like to be free,of fright,the wolf is,but,a shadow of night.we "HOWL"we do not bite,unless threatened,by your might,gifted with grace,and your love to borrow,give us the chance to live tomorrow,for we are the wolves with hearts of sorrow.

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Here is some of the beauty I see,wolf pups wandering the fields and trees,eagles soring high above,sharing their voices with the ones they love,chosen to be keepers of night,they both have equal rights at their own curious  life.let it be known that the world is one,and the life that lives in it, deserves to have one.
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