Lady  Liberty
Lets Roll!!!
Many loved ones were taken away,on nine eleven,that fatefull day,to no that life means nothing to a few,Heavens Hands no what to do.Shelter the love that you feel,with your heart,open your mind and notice the kind,and begin to feel the brand new touch,of that loved one you love so much!!this special place is a part of us all,so dont give up,and stand tall,because heavens hands are holding us all.
Heavens Hands
Lady Liberty still stands tall,she was there when the towers would fall,she gave us the strength to pull together and pick up the pieces that were lost forever!her love for her nation,is so strong,she lets us all no,that this is where, we belong.We bond together as one,pray together as two,unite forever as three,and when the time comes for us to be set free,we will always remember nine eleven,because the twin towers are now built in heaven.
Heavens Hallway
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