We started camping in 2001, I had been a girl scout and my family had a Starcraft popup in the 60's and 70's.Hubby's camping experience had been manuvers in the Army, he was not thrilled with the prospect but went along to keep me happy..

When we got the F150 in late 2000, I decided that it was time to camp. Our youngest was 12 and had missed out on a lot.

Started out camping with a Jayco 1006, complete with mildew and no air. It was WONDERFUL! Even hubby was pleasantly suprised. Started looking for a newer popup with a little more room and air. I saw the Bantam sitting in a used trailer lot and it just kept calling my name. We moved up to the hybrid, a travel trailer with canvas ends that fold up, so can be used either way.

In 2002, we did a Rally in TN, went to IN for Easter, met other PUT member in PA and VA. camped in MD to be near the grandkids. We also camp with MAPCE.

We are looking forward to many more years of camping and quality time together.

2003 we did a weekend at Harper's Ferry KOA, a MAPCE Rally at Traps Pond SP in DE and another Rally with COTOC at Hickory Run SP in PA.

2004 we are looking forward to 2 Rallys at Drummerboy Campground in Gettysburg, PA and a Trip to Maine.
Floor plan of '99 Bantam B-21
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