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This Site has been built to provide a place to get free table top war-games. It combines normal war-gaming resources (rules, templates, datasheets etc.) with the fairly new fad of card modelling (actually an old hobby that died out when plastic kits became available). The games include all necessary components, including miniatures and dice.

03/07/05 - Added Starfighter Combat to site.

20/06/05 - Added Mini-Combat rule system to site.

29/03/04 - Removed Battle Cars from site.


Starfighter Combat is still in developement but I thought I would release it for comment. Eventually I will have all of the play pieces completed but for now you have counters rules and everything to play the game.


This is a comprehensive generic gaming system designed to fight massive battles. You could literally use hundreds of units per side with this ruleset. Examples of its use are available at:


Gain special ammo – Upgrade performance – Meet the Quota. Cyber-Clash is a Tabletop war game representing a tank battle computer game.


Solo Table top wargame based on the Arcade Classic. You control a space turret to destroy incoming Asteroids.


Mega Battles between Mobile Combat Armour all simulated with a couple of dice. One on One, Pack fights and Solo games. Rules and sample Mecha available now!

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Old Posts

05/09/03 - Added a new game Mecha Dice.

20/08/03 - Asteroid has all of the pieces for download and Pictures have been added to the site. Thanks for the comments!

24/05/03 - Asteroid now has some prototype rules & pieces for download.

07/05/03 - Currently Cyber Clash is the only game in a playable state.


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