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Stock Trading Software.

(stock market historical quote downloader and analyzer)

All information and software on this site is provided on the AS IS basis. The author should not be held responsible for any results of reading or applying this information or software.

Stock market historical quote downloader

Download 15 minutes delayed stock quotes from Yahoo, both historical daily quotes and historical intraday stock data.

Together with the Trader program, this utility can be used to produce free intraday charts - the Trader will draw charts in "real" (15 minutes delayed for Yahoo) time from the intraday quotes Downloader is providing.

If you are looking for the data for your technical analysis stock screen or if you are using the yahoo historical stock quotes data to perform some other kind of research, this tool will make the process simple and fast.

Stock splits are downloaded, too.

Download intraday sample stock data, if you do not want to wait while Stock Downloader is gathering historical intraday data.


With this day trading simulator you can use data from Stock Downloader, to generate buy and sell signals both for day-end trading and for real-time day trading techniques (15 minutes delayed stock quotes are used as if it was a stream).

Two methods are awailable to generate buy and sell signals: technical indicator macd convergence divergence and point figure charting - not only the chart is produced, but its patterns are analyzed by the computer.

Both the macd formula and point and figure used by the program are modificated to provide the user more flexibility. For example, you can reverse trading signals that are produced by the day trading simulation - sometimes it will give you a better trading system.

The Trader software can be used as a day trading simulation program, together with the Stock Downloader. First, you use the Stock Downloader to produce few months historical intraday data. Then you create a trading system using the Trader. And then you run them together so that the (15 minutes delayed) stock quotes that are retrieved by the Stock Downloader go directly to Trader, and trading signals are produced in "real time". This approach is a good (and free) technical investment analysis training that you might want to have before you purchase some expansive software to do the "real thing" (also it is a good idea to get one of the day trading tutorial books - I put some links on this site. And you may want to read the some of the many day trading faq and day trading how to texts available online. Same for the day end trading - there is no such thing as enough information. This site is not the online day trading education center or day end education center - it is only providing the bare MINIMUM of the information. And if you want to do trading as a source of income rather than gambling - maybe getting a trading course will be usefull).

Neural Network interface

Technical analysis of stock trend is delayed when performed using traditional day trading technique. Trader can use the power of Neural Networks to predict the stock price and then to apply whatever technical analysis formula you are using to the FUTURE value, to avoid the delay.

Online day trading education center.

In addition to the day trading programs, you will find some usefull articles.

Take a look at the Basics of technical analysis trading tutorial for some information about indicators, trading systems, and stocks and options trading. The tutorial has some day trading how to and day end trading how to questions answered.

Additional software

Cortex Neural Networks

Backpropagation Neural Network with the powerful and simple user interface.


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Tree-like multidirectional flow charts generator

Create (and print) tree-like multidirectional flow charts to enchance your Web site, presentation or educational broshure.

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