Daddy's Footsteps
Emotional Wounds
How  Do You Tell A Child
It's Written In Stone
This Book is a Collection of Military Dedication Poetry.   8x11 Perfect Bound 92 Pages. This would be a very special gift to give a Cadet, a Soldier on active duty,  Retired Soldiers, Family members of Soldiers....I consider it a very special tribute to the Armed Forces. 
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$ 8.25 + $2.95 Shipping.   This  book was not designed for profit, and was designed from the heart and soul for the American Soldier. All the proceeds from this book will be donated to Jake Finkbonner, a special little boy that  was inflicted with a flesh eating disease, and will need  further operations to restore  what he has lost.   He is a  inspiration to us all.   You can read more about this special little boy's journey at

A Sample can be viewed through the link for the book.  I designed this to be something people could have for memory of being a part of such a wonderful and special occupation.

I am very excited to be able to share these, and hope that they will touch your heart as much as they have mine while writing them.  It has also been a way for me to say  Thanks to all Military people who sacrifice so much for their country.                                                                                                                       
Author's  Note:
Wartime Reporter
He Could Have Been
Book Includes The Following Works!
A Soldier's Call
Our Comrades At Arms
For Every
My Hero
Dear God
I Know It Did So Matter
I Promise You
If You've Never Known
It's About
At The Age Of
Fourth Coming
Goodbye My Hero
Thanks To Our Soldiers
The Veteran
The Small Town
He Is His Father's Son
With Honor
In The Eyes Of A Soldier
What Do You Say
My Pledge
Soldier Boy
Heaven Will You Take Me
Does Anyone
Battle Officer
The Enemy No More
Duty Calls
Mr Infantry Man
Soldier's United
The Memorial
The Letters
Lost Soldier
We Shall Overcome
8.5x11  Perfect Bound    92 Pages
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