The art of tarot has been explored by students of the divine and seekers of truth for centuries. Through the interpretation of the tarot card deck, it is possible to understand and answer personal inquiry, confusion, and uncertainty; tarot card readings provide answers that, while not finite, are often amazingly accurate in their correlation and response to the issue at hand.

Personal Initiative
Via the medium of the internet, tarot has rapidly spread through newsgroups, e-mail, web communities, and small independent businesses. This website is one such example of the latter. As many of the websites operating on the internet today charge lofty and largely unreasonable prices, I decided to venture to open a site that would offer consultations at a more moderate fee. Tarot has been an important facet of my quest for knowledge and sprituality; I find it inspirational in my daily life and wish to share its fulfillment with others.

Rates / Pricing

* The Yes/No Spread: If you have a question requiring a yes/no answer, this is the spread for you. This reading costs $3.00 USD.

* The Past, Present, Future 3 Card Spread: This spread can be used to delve into specific questions or as a general overview. It is designed to give an indication of past influences on the present situation and foresight into future results. This reading costs $8.00 USD.

* The Six Month Forecast Spread: This is a seven card spread designed to provide awareness regarding events and influences for each of the six months following the reading; this reading is ideal to conduct at the end of the month. This particular reading costs $20.00 USD.

* The Standard Celtic Cross Spread: This ten card spread is designed for specific questions or as a general overview of the undercurrents and influences in one's life. By virtue of the number of cards in the reading, it is the most intricate reading available. Included in this package is a follow-up e-mail in which the client can pose a question pertaining to the provided reading. This reading costs $25.00 USD.

These readings are provided for entertainment purposes only. By purchasing through Paypal, the customer agrees to release the website owner from any and all liability pertaining to actions or results claimed to be related to the reading. Must be 18 years or older to participate.

Additional Payment Information
When submitting payment through Paypal, please submit e-mail address and any specific question and/or information you may wish haven taken into account within the reading. A personalized type-written reading will be mailed to your desired e-mail address within three business days.

Images from the Rider Waite Tarot deck. Tile background courtesy of All other materials on this website (graphics, writing, and HTML) are Carolyn Parker; do not take its content without permission. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the webmistress.

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