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The Zone has removed many of the CD ROM Games including
Scrabble® v1 ( Blue box) and v2 (Red Box)
they've taken down all the rooms now.
Therefore! The below instructions links for both v1 and v2 have again become necessary.
NEW! Direct IP Play instructions for Scrabble® v.2 CD Rom

Scrabble®CD Rom v1 (Blue Box)Instructions for Direct IP Play
Many of us have ICQ and we can use this to communicate IPs for joining network games.
Also if we can get a Case Ladder OP to support us in having a Ladder & Tournaments
for Scrabble V2 Direct IP play ICQ would be helpful in that area as well.
The new ICQ has Group mode so you can Create a Group named Scrabble or Scrabble2
and put all your Scrabble contacts in those Groups

When your contacts in these Groups come online in your ICQ their names will be highlighted
to show they are online, you can then click their names and invite for a game.

Furthermore ICQ provides Chat Rooms for hosting Tourneys

For Ladder Players it will be easier to find opponents for games with ICQ

The NEW! Scrabble® ICQ Userlist

My Scrabble ICQ 1074234  

That being said there is now support for Scrabble CD rom built into quite a few
online chat programs such as Yahoo messenger and MSN messenger, if you look at the menu
bars right or left in your chat windows you will see something like Launch Scrabble CD

However ICQ is the best way to go for ladders and tournaments

If there are any Case ladder people reading this page who would like to help us
work something out for Scrabble® CD v1 or v2 but especially v2 right now
Please ICQ me or Email me and let me know
Please also be sure to use words in Subject line of email such as Case Ladder for Scrabble v2

Scrabble 2
Hasbro also no longer supports these games, they've sold to Atari, the new Link for Support is on the Above picture

Books for Scrabble® Players

The Official Scrabble® Players Dictionary:

If you want to play scrabble® at any level, you cannot survive without this book.
All the words with their definitions that are considered to be legal can be found in this book.
If you reside in North America you will definitely need this book.

The Official Scrabble® Players Dictionary Hardcover  Hardcover Paperback
It is also valid outside North America, however it might be used in conjunction with other dictionaries.

Find Any Book on with this Search

Scrabble Zone ICQ Userlist

Click the above Logo to View The NEW! Scrabble® ICQ Userlist

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