Our Favorite Quotes: Bakura and Yami Bakura

"Foolish Mortal."

"Mortal fool, I shall send you to the Shadow Realm!!"

"Their souls have been locked away and now after waiting for countless centuries, the legendary Millenium Puzzle is mine ..."

"Prepare yourself, mortal, for this is a Shadow Game the likes of which you've never played."

"Welcome to the Shadow Realm."

"I am a thief and a stealer of souls, and I have done terrible things in my quest to possess the Millenium Items. You do remember the legends don't you?"

"Whosoever wields all seven Millennium Items will possess power unimaginable, and before I'm done with you, your Millennium Puzzle will be mine."

"Then let the shadow game begin! The first move is yours."

"There is more at stake here then you comprehend. And this is one shadow game that you can't win!"

::laughs evily:: "Who's your little friend Yugi? He looks pretty tough, but can he deal with this? The White Magical Hat attack!"

::laughs evily:: "Aww ... looks like that card has been defeated, and your poor friend's soul was trapped within it."

"Your friend is gone, on his way to the discard pile, or the graveyard as we call it in Duel Monsters."

"Your little swordsman got lucky last time, but not this time!"

"When you duel in the Shadow Realm, the stakes are always higher. You made a sloppy move and now your friend, he paid for it with his very soul. Now which of your friends will you send next?"

"With a new hand comes a whole new perspective. The game, ever shifting. New dangers surround every turn."

"You're here to die to protect him? Well try and defend against this!"

Ryou: "Sleep well, guys?"
Joey & Tristan: "BAKURA!" ::grab onto each other:: "Eh?" "Hands off!" "You grabbed me!"

::Close-up of Tea. Shes struggling to climb up a rope with Bakura and Tristan, up Pegasus's castle tower, because they suspected that he was cheating in his duels.::
::Bakura and Tristan in background::
Ryou: "Ouch! Tristan!"
Tristan: "What?!?!"
Ryou: "That wasn't the rope, that was my leg!
Tristan: ::blushes:: "Whoops. Sorry Bakura."

Ryou: "Tristan, your ideas are horrible!"
Tristan: "I got you up here safe and sound, didn't I?"

Yami Bakura: "Present day humans are so fun to terrorize, don't you agree?"
Tristan: "I wouldn't know, but then again, I am a present day human."

"No one shall have the Millennium Puzzle but me!"

"Who would have thought you even had a heart, let alone one so easily broken?"

"Do you know the legend of this cemetary? Listen.
This cemetary is haunted by a ghost of a knight who lost his head in battle.
When the clock strikes midnight he rises up from his grave in search of his missing head.
Bones: ::hears clanking:: "AHHHH!!"
::Hologram of Headless Knight appears::
Yami Bakura: "You have seen him, now! Meet Headless Knight!"

::During the Battle City duel between Bakura and Bones::
::Bakura draws a card and grimaces,::
Bones: "Aw, what's wrong? Are you upset that you didn't get the card you need?"
Bakura: "No, I'm upset because I have to end this duel so quickly, and I was enjoying prolonging your suffering a little longer."

"What a dolt!"

"Yugi, I assure you Bakura will not be harmed, so attack with your Egyptian god card now!"

"One day the Puzzle will be mine!." ::evil laugh as Slifer attacks him::

::from the japanese version of Yugi vs Bakura:: "Dark Necropohia Shokang!!"

"Mahou kaado. Asa Sugita Hakana!" (translation) "Magic card. Shallow Burial!"

"Dark Nekurofia wa shoukan!" (translation) "I summon Dark Necrofear."

"Monsutaa wa shibihyouji ni shoukan. Nimai kaado seto####e. Taan shuriousu!" (translation) "I summon a monster in defense position. Set two cards. End turn!"

Bakura: " ... shisha sose?"
Malik: "Sou. Shisa sose da!"
Bakura: ::tightens fist:: "Kusou!"
Yugi: "Majiku kaado open! Shisha sose! Daaku Nekurofia wa sose!"
Bakura: "Souna ... bakana!"


Bakura: " ... raise dead?"
Malik: "Yes. It's raise dead!"
Bakura: "God####it"
Yugi: "Magic card open! Raise dead! I raise Dark Necrofear!"
Bakura: "That ... ####er!"

"Prepare for a one-way trip to the Shadow Realm."

"And now, let the destruction commence."

Yami Marik: "I'm waiting."

Yami Bakura: "Anxious to lose, are we?"

"This is not the last time you will see me."

Yami Bakura: ::to Yami Marik after being hit by Winged Dragon of Ra:: "Don't you realize that I am the darkness?"
Yami Marik: "What does that mean?"
Yami Bakura: "It's quite simple. I can't be destroyed."

Joey: "What're you doing raiding the fridge?"
Ryou: "I was gone for a long time, and there's not much to eat in the Shadow Realm."

"And where do you think you're going?!"

"I've waited long enough! The darkest Shadow Game in five millenia will now begin!"

Yugi: "Bakura? Is that you?"
Yami Bakura: ::laughingly:: "Guess again!"

::referring to Rex & Weevil:: "These two deliquents received exactly what they deserved!"

::to Yami:: "Your whole life is a puzzle wrapped in a game."

"Then let the ultimate Shadow Game begin!"

"Pardon the interupption, but apparently somebody left me off the guest list."

"Diabound, meet the pharaoh, and Pharaoh, meet the instrument of your demise!"

"Well? Can the guardians come out and play?"

"Let the showdown commence."

"I suppose it's time to duel, isn't it? Or as you say in Egypt ..."
Bakura & Mahado: ::in unison:: "Diaha!"

::when Shadow Ghoul hurts Diabound:: "So the virtous Mahado fights dirty."

"I guess you could say I'm not the only one with a knack for stealing things."

"All good Shadow Games must come to an end."

"The ultimate battle for mankind begins again, only this time it will end in my favor!"

Pharaoh Atem: "You've forgotten who you're dealing with!"
Bakura: "And you seem to have forgotten this isn't one of your card tournaments!"

"Join the Shadow Realm!"

"The son shall pay for the sins of his father!"

Pharaoh Atem: "Two beasts?!"
Bakura: "Yes. Double the destruction, double the fun!"

"Nice try, but it's going to take more than fancy sticks and pointy hats to defeat my Diabound."

"Well, if you're not going to attack, then allow me! Diabound, show no mercy!"

::when Atem offers himself up:: "Well, you heard the pharaoh, it's time for vengence!"

"This is not over! Your empire shall crumble! Your Millennium Items will be mine, and Zorc the Dark One shall rise!"

"Leave it to you to sleep through the most important game of your life."

"Someone couldn't handle the competition."

Zorc Necrophades: "I was close!"
Bakura: "Yes, closeto being defeated by the pharaoh!"

Yami: "I won't let you win!"
Bakura: "I'm afraid I already have."

"Come on, it's a game! You should try to have fun!"

"Oh, and did I mention that time is up?"

"It's hopeless. The age of darkness has arrived."

"Come on now. If that's the best you can do, then I've already won!"

::referring to Yugi's marshmellow monster:: "Is that a monster or a dessert topping?"

"This shadow game is the crossroads where the past and future meet."

"I hear the shadow realm's lovely this time of year. Let's see if it's true!"

"As I was saying, game over."

Yugi: "True strategy?"
Bakura: "Yes, is there an echo in here?"

"Without the pharaoh, you're nothing. He's the king of games, you're just a frightened child."

From the manga:

"The Millennium Items are relics that house souls from the past ... like memorial stones or portable tombs. However ... if there is a guardian of the tomb ... there must also be a thief to rob the tomb!"

"I'll be the Dark Master, of course!"

"As the 'Dark Master,' I made everything in this game world! I am the rules! I am the monsters! I am the God!!"

::after Joey takes out Zorc's left eye:: "Yugi ... you're making me mad ..."

::thinking:: The next stage for your adventures ... is Hell!!

::to Yugi:: "Feh ... you're so careless I can't leave you alone for an instant!"

Guard: "How dare you approach the royal palace?! Who do you think you are?"
Bakura: "A king is robed in gold, isn't he ...? Then that must make me a king too! A king of thieves!"

"Lose something?"

"Well? Aren't you scum going to pass judgement on me?! I am the great Bakura, the king of thieves!"

::thinking:: Law and order?! Don't make me laugh! I'll show you the true power of the Millennium Items ... the Shadow power that can destroy the world!

Priest Seto: "I'll show you the true power of the priests with the Millennium Items!"
Bakura: "Good! That sounds fun!"

"This is boring ... I want to fight the pharaoh!!"

"Dull, dull, dull!"

"The Millennium Items are forbidden artifacts of black magic! The evil power of darkness dwells within them! The one who owns all seven of them can forge a contract with the dark spirits of the afterworld!"

"'Great Pharaoh' ... so ... I finally got your butt off the throne."

::thinking:: I'll paint the walls of the palace with your blood.

"Meh ... noisy fools."

::thinking:: It's true! The pharaoh isn't mortal! He is the one great pharaoh who can summon the three legendary Gods!

"Diabound will destroy your god ... and then we'll see who the real god it!"

Atem: "The Millennium Items were my father's dream of freedom and peace. I will never forgive the person who tries to steal them!"
Bakura: "'Freedom'? 'Peace'? Don't make me laugh."

"What you really fear is your enemy's idea of justice!"

"No one can truly draw the line between just and unjust, good and evil. Only the Millennium Items can tell ... they are the compass of the soul!"

"This is the prelude to the fall of your dynasty."

"Just as a wizard has ways of fighting, a thief has ways of fighting too."

"Isn't it ironic? Once I've robbed a tomb, I know all its traps by heart."

"You can regret your foolishness in Hell!"

Civilian: ::referring to Bakura:: "The one who plundered from the pharaoh's tomb?! And killed over 100 soldiers?! He's in this city?!"
Bakura: "Well ... looks like I'm famous ... what an honor!"

::thinking:: I remember your future ... Now ... let's begin round two of the palace tragedy!!

"Now ... do I kill you, or do I let you live ...? I'll let you decide."

"I am the sole survivor of that village ... of Kul Elna. Now ... this city too, will drown in blood."

::thinking:: The fall of your kingdom has begun!

::thinking:: So that's the lightening of the dragon of heaven! That actually hurt ...!

"Come on, come all! It's the pharaoh's grand parade!"

"Now, pharaoh ... let's begin the killing game!!"

If your god controls the heavens ... then my Diabound controls the night!"

"In the battleground of the shaows, no one can defeat my Diabound ... not even a god!"

"Whether they're men or gods, all lives are in my hands!"

"Muut." (ancient Egyptian word for "die")

::thinking:: This is it, pharaoh!! Die along with your God!

"I've killed the God of the Heavens! Now, Diabound! Kill the priests' Ka -- and slaughter this whole city!"

"I won't budge from the place where you're going to die!"

"Which one of you should die first?"

"A ruler is such a pitiful thing. But ... to a thief, anothing you see is something you can steal!"

"If getting everything you want is all there is to being a king ... then as king of thieves, I am truly the king of kings!"

"I will steal the world!!"

"I'd like to say 'welcome to our village' ... but they'll soon see ... it's a ghost town ..."

"Ghosts ... the party is just beginning ... don't eat too much and get full."

::to Mahado/Dark Magician:: "You're living on borrowed time, wizard!"

"All that's left ... is for the invincible Diabound to send you to Hell one at a time ..."

::thinking while he's bleeding and slowly dying:: I ... am the king ... of thieves ... There's nothing in the world I can't steal ...

"Know this, pharaoh ... in this world, you are nothing more than a pawn driven by your own memories."

"This is the ultimate shadow RPG!"

"Now Yugi! It's time for Zorc Necrophades to walk the Earth once again!"

"This is it! As this Shadow Game progesses, your lost memories of the distant past will come back to life as well! But in the end ... the world of memory will be your grave! A tomb for you and your friends' souls!"

"In this game, there are non-player characters (NPCS) who move without the players' will ... actors whose only purpose is to be purposeless."

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