KillIlluminatiNotUs2010Return of the DragonSlayers2010
Illumination of the Illuminati
this website is based on the illumination of the Illuminati and it's evil empire of shapeshifting reptilians, demons, tares from the bible. we have entered the new age of Aquarious, when the twin of man and woman comes forth in the cloths of sheep , yet inside are ravenous human eating, blood drinking Nephilim, the Children of the Annunaki, he who tempted Eve and whom had child (Cain), from her and Adam brought forh o
The Return of the DragonSlayers2010, we have been preparing for you Nphilim, Jesus is ALIVE in this World and the NEXT, beware we also have those whom have been watching you Nephilim and to you Elite, beware the wrath of God, his SON is SENT upon you, Mystery Babylon Religion, the Council of Odin is Fallen. you whom sit as Jesus and give man and woman forgiveness of sins as if thou art the Christ when you are the Vessel for the Anti-Christ, you whom sit on the throne of my Heavenly King Jesus, you wicked (F.U.C.K.E.R.S.=For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge (of) Evil Ritual Sacrifices) unto Moloch, for we know your false Gods many shapeshifting abilities;The Pope on down the Vatican are Pedophiles and satanworshippers, they are all initiated witches and are all bound under this for reason of public scrutiny they hide amongst their convents of sorcery and deciet, our one true president warned the USA, this country of my human americans , id die for all of you and any of you, we are indeed in a very evil and adulterous generaton, but you soldiers of God, the Lord and King returns with our Family to join us in the battle of the Worlds of Good over Evil , the soldier of Jesus shall inherit the SWORD of word, hat which is greate than weapons, for we shall WIN< the day is at hand for death to the evilones , the true enemy we have known was their all along, so for now we have our Bibles, (Beginners Instructions Before Leaving Earth), but the time comes that we shall be aware of whom is marked for death, that which we shall be a part of , asin the days of NOAH and David and Goliath, for they come my PEOPLE< AWAKEN SHEEPLES< the Wolves lay traps and snares and death is your Leaders' BOSS, The New Dawn they call it, and Egypt was from whence it came, The Club of ROME, INVESTIGATE NOW, the Internet is set for Editibg on massive scales, if they don't turn it off completely for Homeland security reasons, you know , the fake 9/11 thing, oh and if you have doubts please feel free to look up ( this is your homeland security and National Security Agency at work! That spells illuminati backwards by the way!!!!

The Number of the Beast
We have come to the endtimes and shall be shown the truth

AQA 6(333)6 sixhundred threescore and six=696 or=666

The Reptilian New World Order /The Order of the Anu or Council of 13 or (C.F.R), INVESTIGATE IT HUMANS!!!!!


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