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In order to become whole we must confront the shadow self. The unhealed shadow self contains many psychological issues.
By discovering the contents and healing the wounds of our subconscious, we can co create our universe with the Divine.
Enneagram Institute: Personality Test

Jung Typology Test: Personality Test

Self Actualization: Explains human potential

CODA: Codependence information and help.

Adult Children: Help with dysfuntional patterns.

Love Addiction: Self help article and site.

Astrology: The free chart explains personality traits.

Banning Lack: An empowering web article .

Creativity and Madness: Depression and Bi-polar art.

Books that Free your Mind...

Healing the Shame That Binds You
CoDependent No More
In the Meantime
The Power of Now
The Tao of Psychology
Bradshaw on The Family
Self Help Group Source Book
The Power of Intention
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
Psyche's Seeds



















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