My RC Model Airplanes

My Favorite:

Four Star 40

This is my first low wing model, in the shop for re-covering right now, and yes, its looking like
Luke Skywalker is not going to pilot the re-covered model.


The younger me, holding my ill-fated MiG-7, another of my favorites.
The Attempt to filter the airplane through a tree led to most of the plane in the
tree and most of the electronics on the ground.


Balsa Glider (and Wingtip Detail)

This isn't actually a remote control airplane, but it is the winning model for my Aerospace
class at Duke TIP @ Kansas (University of).  My macho helper was the famous
Kitchen Fresh from Kentucky!!!  However, I would like to note, this airplane
out-performed all other designs built by the Aerospace Engineering class without exception,
and there really are four quarters for balancing purposes glued to the nose of the airplane.


My Damioselle, Not yet complete

Its here because JoPo (John) wanted to see more airplanes, this is my first electric airplane.


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