Who are the "ALL-STARS"?

Fishers All-Star Cheerleaders are located in Fishers, Indiana; a northern suburb
of Indianapolis. The All-Star teams are made up of members from various schools with the primary focus being on performance and competition. We have three squads:

Youth Squad:
entry level, cheer and gymnastics instruction
Junior Prep:
intermediate level cheerleading; several performances
and beginning competitions

Junior Elite:
unified experience and advanced skills in all areas of
cheerleading; several performances and competitions; and increased

We are coached by
Deborah Jackson and various assistants. Tryouts are held
every spring at New Britton Elementary School in Fishers, Indiana.

Mission Statement

The challenge of the ALL-STARS CHEERLEADING TEAM is to recognize each
cheerleader as an individual and to help her/him develop a feeling of self worth.
This next level of cheerleading will stimulate the cheerleader to further develop
those attitudes, skills, ideals, and appreciation which will help her/him to become
a useful and knowledgeable person.


A. To Provide fun, positive learning experiences, while introducing
cheerleaders to performance and competition.
B. To develop skills of team work, good citizenship, and a wise use
of leisure time.
C. To develop strength, endurance, body control, motor skills, and
agility to maintain a state of physical fitness.  
D. To provide a beneficial system enhancing the expectations required
  for a higher standard of cheerleading.  
E.  To provide an opportunity for parent volunteers to assist with
the All-Star program
To provide more cheerleading-related opportunities to develop
an appreciation of physical activities
To successfully meet the challenges of youth cheerleading, and
obtain opportunites to perform and/or compete to represent
schools/community,and the development of our youth.
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