The Race Cars

turbo6.gif (679 bytes)      87 Buick Grand National Chad's current love (a woman wud have been cheaper)

turbo6.gif (679 bytes)      86 Buick WH1 T-Type Turbo Regal Chad's latest toy

turbo6.gif (679 bytes)      87 Buick WE4 Turbo-T Regal Dave's Black Beauty

turbo6.gif (679 bytes)      87 Buick Grand National James' super clean external bolt-on 11 sec ride

turbo6.gif (679 bytes)      87 Buick Grand National Pete's Stage II twin turbo rocket ship

turbo6.gif (679 bytes)      87 Buick T-Type  Joe Lubrant's insanely fast TSE class Turbo Regal

 ho_embl.jpg (7317 bytes)   79 Olds Cutlass Calais Hurst/Olds W-30 Chad's unoriginal classic 

  olds.gif (3086 bytes)       '80 Olds Cutlass Supreme Chad's first love... unfortunately, one night a thief loved it more

 chevy.jpg (3664 bytes)    95 Chevy Z-28 B4C Camaro Paul Riesselman's toy

'83 Ford Ranger Shortbox Denny Smith's truck hauls



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