Best 1/4 E.T.  9.13 @ 153.55 mph.

Best 1/8 E.T.  5.90 @ 122.99 mph.

Best 60' Time 1.33


Car has gone 9.13 @153.55 weighing in at 3660 lb!   They may get it out one
more time this year if weather permits.  If not engine comes out for
freshen-up and car goes to paint shop as a reward.

The Burnout, & the car leaving the line...a shot from both sides of the track...

Dan Strezo was driving, his wife took the shot from the right side of track, and Gunther G. took the shot from the other side of the track.  See if you can see Gunther on the other side shooting the picture? This was a time run for TSE the car on that pass ran a 9.45 @ 146!


1987 Turbo "T" Black (26k miles) full option car, currently minus ac compressor, & condenser plumbing, for weight saving reasons. I also added a fiberglass hood & front bumper to offset the weight added by the roll cage. Car weight with Driver--Race Weight-- 3660#-3680#


4.1 Stage II Off-center block std bore, Buick Motorsports 3.625 forged steel stroke crank, Crower 6.4" forged rods, J&E forged aluminum pistons, C.R. 9.0 to 1, Engine build & assembly by Dan Strezo of Precision Turbo & Engine


Champion Aluminum CNC ported & polished heads, with S/S 1.90" Intake 1.60" exhaust valves, T & D 1.55 alum. roller rockers, Precision Turbo & Engine billet roller cam & lifters. Cam specs, assembly & installation by Dan Strezo


Single PT-88-TSE 3-bolt Turbo by Precision Turbo & Engine-- Harry Hruska


Precision Turbo & Engine front mount intercooler, standard 3" inlet & outlet air to air unit.

(Recent upgrade to 2-core unit)


BGC cast aluminum intake manifold & plenum, with Accufab 70mm throttle body.


Six Bosch 160# per/hr injectors, Stock fuel tank with weld on sump, #10 line to pre-filter & Weldon #2015 fuel pump, #8 line to fuel rail with 3/8" return to tank. Billet top adjustable fuel regulator.


Stock coil & module, with MSD Dis-4 system, utilizing 2-step rev limit function.

Holley 9mm Annihilator plug wires.


Speed Pro SEFI with wide band 02, programming Precision Engine & Turbo--Harry Hruska


ATR stainless steel headers, HKS GT waste gate, Terry Houston 3" d.p. & 3 1/2" single muffler exhaust system. The exhaust system exits in the stock location on passenger side.


TH-400 with transbrake, Cheetah reverse pattern shifter & line lock.

9" AC/ATI 3900-4000 stall.


Ford 9", 3.89 Pro-Gear w/spool, Strange 35 spline axles, with rear disc brakes.


Chrome moly 8-point roll cage, stock frame, with rear frame notch  for tire clearance, stock location suspension points, Front- stock springs, 90-10 C.E. shocks - no sway bar. Rear- stock springs  Hotchkiss lowers, Pro-traction adjustable uppers, 50-50 C.E. shocks, ATR h.d. sway bar, & 2-air bags.


Weld Pro-Star 15x6 wheels front & 15x10 rear w/5 1/2" b.s, 27"MT Sportsman front tires, 29.5x10.5 MT slicks rear.



2000 BUICKS @ BRISTOL----------Winner Turbo Super Street Class

2000 GSCA NATIONALS------------#1 Qualifier Turbo Street Eliminator

1999 BUICKS @ BRISTOL-----------Winner Turbo Super Street Class

1999 MIDWEST CHALLENGE------2nd Place Super 16 

1997 GSCA NATIONALS-------------Winner 1ST PLACE (tie) Super 16 Turbo

US41 Midwest Challenge (Sept.2000) running a 1.33  60'  9.17


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