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On several occasions while driving to work, I have had a guy in a blue 90 Mustang GT rev his motor at me and point at my car. Of course he is always going in the opposite direction. I have asked the local Mustang guys who he is. It turns out he just installed a bored and stroked 351 that now has 410 ci and a NOS kit on it. They "claim" it runs 10.8's on motor.

As fate would have it, I was at our local cruise night two weeks ago and he showed up. He had a pretty large crowd of 5.0 guys hanging around him, so I struck up a conversation. I asked him if "His car was as fast as it was loud?" He looked at me puzzled and said "yeah". I told him that "I was the guy with the GN that he kept reving at". He than made the fatal mistake of asking me if "I wanted to run it?"

I had my street tires and pump gas in it, while he had BFG Drag Radials on his. I was too far into this to come up with any lame excuses so had to take him up on his offer.

I said "How much?"
He said " I don't have any money?"
I said "I don't do charity work?"

My buddy was wanting to watch a race bad and came up with this solution:

The loser has to put a sticker in their back window for 30 days that says "Grand Nationals Rule and Mustangs Suck!" or vise versa.

I ended up having my buddy (250lbs) and his friend (270lbs) in the car with me for the race. I was hoping the extra weight would give me some traction (it didn't).

We line up on the street right in front of everybody. We take off and he gets about a car in front of me. I start to catch him and spin, I ease up and get back in it and get to his door and start to spin again, I ease up and get back in it a third time and get just in front of him before the car breaks lose again (We are going 70mph by now) I ease up and he gets a half a car out and I nail it one last time knowing it will hook at this speed. I slingshot in front of him and beat him by 6-7 car lengths.

Here's a photo of the results:

Notice in the picture that the Mustang doesn't have an interior behind the front seats.

Here's a continuation to the story:

Last week I went back to the same cruise spot with my ET streets and Race Gas. Sure enough, the guy came back. This time he had slicks and a full bottle. He was extremely disappointed that I had changed my tires. HE asked me for a re-match. The stakes were: He could take the sticker off or another 30 days.

We lined up again. This time I came out hard. His buddies claim I lifted the tires (I think it was close). He got excited and sprayed it too soon. He started spinning, while I was winning. I let the car shift into second and when I reached 70mph, I eased up and coasted to the finish. He had given up and turned around.

This time it wasn't even close.

If GNXGURU doubted the race then he's really not gonna believe this:
One of my friends went to take the photo of the window where the guy works. The guy came out and mentioned that he his looking at buying a GN in Tampa, and asked if I would be willing to work on it.

I don't doubt that at the track the guy might give me a better race. The key, is putting it to the pavement.

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