Hello and welcome to ~*~quietsoul~*~'s Valentine Page! This is dedicated to my family, friends & loved ones... And also in memory of my great-grandmother, Jannetta Fletcher, who was born February 14th. Happy Valentine's Day wherever you may be. My love is strong & with you always.

        Valentine's Day is a special day for me. It's a day that I show those I love and care about how much they mean to me. Now personally I try to do that every chance I get and not just wait for one small day out of a whole year. It's a waste of time... Time that can show someone how important he or she is, that they matter, that they are loved for who they are... Time that is so precious that not a second should slip by because one of us may not be here in the next minute, hour, day, week, month, or this time next year. I've lost many people in my life who've really mattered in many different ways... and never got a chance to tell them how much I loved them, how much they've touched my life, how they've blessed my life by simply being in it. So I make it a fulfilling duty to tell everyone I know and love how much they mean to me every chance I get. *grins* Some of them just can't get enough! And some may never hear it enough. I think that's a shame, denying someone the pleasure & comfort of hearing three simple yet meaningful words: "I Love You." I may forget to say the words but I'll never forget to show it in action, or have it in my heart & thought. Love is so easy to give & share.

        Valentine's Day is special to me for another personal reason. February 14th was the day that the most important, special and blessed person to be in my life was born... my great-grandmother, Jannetta Fletcher. Everyone in the family called her "Momma" because she was a mother to all of us. She loved all of us with infinite patience, caring and love. She was the one person who helped each of us in her clan discover who we are and who we want to be. With her love and support, we could do anything and be anything we so desire. We had fun celebrating both Valentine's Day and her birthday. We'd always have cake with hearts and red roses (her favorite flower), exchange hand-made and heart-filled V-Day cards and give Momma birthday presents. To my child's heart she would always be around when I needed her. She was called back to Heaven the summer before my senior year. She was 94 years old and was surrounded by childeren, love and laughter abounding! The one dream we both shared was to see me walk across the stage at my graduation, knowing that we made it to the next level. The next dream was to be at my college graduation four years later. I know she's waiting for me at the next level with a new home and with open arms and that endless love that was hers only. That's why Valentine's Day is so important to me. It's a day to celebrate both love and a woman's life.

        I hope that your Valentine's Day is a joyful, happy and loving one. But don't let it end after the day is gone. Let every day be a Valentine's Day. It will make your life so much richer and fuller... and also the lives of those you love and care for. We all need love every day. Without it, the garden of the heart and soul can die and fade away like a dream.

        Happy Valentine's Day from ~*~quietsoul~*~!!


        Jan.31, 1998; Edited October 15, 2001
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