Mainframe Utilities

IDCAMS Access Method Services
FTP IBM Mainframe FTP
JCL IBM JCL bookshelves
SuperC Compare utility
Tape Management System University of Tennessee, Knoxville's documentation
Easytrieve Language Reference  
Easytrieve Programmers Guide

  Programming Languages

COBOL for OS/390 One of IBM's COBOL Bookshelves 
COBOL Error Messages
CICS Lots of IBM CICS Bookshelves (Yes, I know it's not a language, but this is tripod)
comp.lang.cobol If you can't find the answer anywhere else, use Google to search the COBOL forum
Language Environment IBM's LE Bookshelf
REXX IBM's REXX Bookshelf


DB2 Manuals IBM bookshelves for DB2, for various platforms Do a Google search on the DB2 forum

  Operating Systems

VM/ESA Home page of VM operating system
VSE/ESA Home page of VSE/ESA Use Google to search the IBM mainframe forum

  Mainframe Messages

File Status Key Values and Meanings COBOL File Status Keys
IEC### Messages IEC messages seem to be the most common type of error in batch jobs.
System Completion Codes The system or an application program issues a completion code when abnormally ending processing by a task, address space, or system module. The completion code indicates the reason for the abnormal end.

  Tools and Pet Projects

Day of Year Calendar (Javascript) Gregorian-style calendar showing day-of-year dates. AKA, Julian Date
BLKSIZE Calculator (Javascript) This calculator will calculate the optimum BLKSIZE to maximize the use of space on a DASD track, and maximize the number of records per block; thus, minimizing the IO needed to read a dataset.
ASA Carriage Control Conversion Macro This is a MS Word macro that will convert ASA carriage control characters to however many line feeds.  Use it to print mainframe reports on the PC.  It is necessary to create your own empty macro in Word, and cut and paste the code located at the link.
Wilson History This is a shameless attempt to get google's spiders to find my blog.


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