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I've been VERY busy lately but i'm working on current updates when i get time.
Last updated 05-24-03
Cast bios, episode guides, filmographies, games, guests, facts, item claims, links, oopsies, Phoebe's songs, polls, trivia.
Care Bears for sale, songs, meet the care bears, meet the care bear cousins, links, match game.
I need to make room so here you can find some old junk here.
Ever wonder what was the first cd pressed in the USA?  Or what is so unusal about Bruce Lee's movies?  Stop in here to find out!
My fiance's site includes Piccolo pics, Spidey pics and such.
Children's Activites
Contains activities to entertain young children.  Useful for parties, daycares, preschool, etc.
Listed are some of my favorite sites to visit.  i hope you enjoy as much as i do.
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These have nothing to do w/ my site they're just really cute!  ^_^
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Includes info on my new favorite manga, Kare Kano.
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