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Hello and welcome to my quote and poem page. There are a very selected few that were written by me. But most come from famous, and unfamous, poets from around the globe. Many of these were found and collected by myself and my good friend Steffanie whom I'd like to say thanx to! So, Thanx! Enjoy the contribution! And feel free to send me some of your favorite as well, dont worry ill give you credit! Click which flower below you'd like to go to!


If you see these:

Little Dude! = Poems written by others who were nice enough to contribute...please ask if you would like to use them!

Luna cat = Poems written by me...feel free to borrow, no premission needed! Just don't say you wrote it...or im gonna have to do sumtin not nice!

BIG News!

One of my poems has been published! Don't believe me? Check it out at: Poetry.com: A Greater Substance Type in Amanda Murray then scroll to the bottom until you see the name of my poem!

Poems and Quotes on Friendship

Poems and Quotes on Love and longing for others

Poems and Quotes on dreams and everyday life

Poems and Quotes on death

Poems and Quotes on painful experiences

Self-relating Poems and Quotes

Miscellanious Poems and Quotes

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